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    I would say a well made car with out an obcene premimum. Genesis or if you would like to spend a little more GT-R
    Just my thoughts.
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    also a fan of exige, but its not really an every day car.
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    Quote Originally Posted by dandbj13 View Post
    Wow! So, you have a lot of money. Great! You must be very smart and elite. I'm honored to be posting in the same thread as you.

    Please tell me, which car should I drive? I don't want to be taken in by marketing and branding. I take it from your post that BMW is all hype and no real benefits. Please tell me what is best for me so that I am not a sheep. Also, which computer should I use? Which phone should I use? Oh, and which tablet should I wait for? I get the feeling that if I follow my own heart and reason, I will just end up being a sheep to a soulless corporation. If I follow your advice, I will be wise and discerning.
    LOL you're sarcasm is worthy of a prize, but that's not how I meant it.

    I do think BMWs have many merits. I used to have an M3 and it was a fantastic machine. If you choose one for it's qualities that fit your needs then you are no sheep.

    What i meant was that most people I know who have one got it only because "it's a BMW" and so it's the in thing to have. They don't have a clue what the benefits are. Sounds similar to many iPhone owners doesn't it?
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    Quote Originally Posted by UntidyGuy View Post
    A geek's current tablet:

    9.7 inch screen
    10-12 hour battery life
    multi-touch interface
    220,000 apps available
    tons of free apps / all of the major ones
    tons of accessories available
    wifi only or wifi + 3G
    starts at $500
    How do you like the iPad?

    Quote Originally Posted by dandbj13 View Post
    I get a chuckle every time I see one of these threads. It is the, "I don't want to admit how much I love the iPad. So Palm, please hurry up and KIRF one up so that I can buy that instead," thread. Will someone please tell me what you want a pPad for? It has to be something that you cannot already get with an iPad.
    Oh, you do? Very nice man! Look, I am writing this on an iMac. First gen Intel. Yea, the one with the 32 bit core. And what do I want the pPad for? To be honest I am not sure I want the PalmPad. I sure as hell know I don't want the iPad. I love Apple, but I want my Pad like device to run Flash. Why? I would love to be able to play a game like Evony on my Pad. Right now, I actually want the Blackberry Playbook. THATS my geek device. That OS RIM bought (well, the company I should say) was a very smart move and to be honest, Palm needs to move fast with getting their phones to be more well received. Because once BB OS 6.0 is gone and 7.0 brings QNX's OS on all Blackberry devices, WebOS will have a real competitor. And no, I am not trying to say iOS and Android are not real competitors. However, iOS GUI is dated and needs a refresh in my opinion (even if it's just a slight update) and Android -- well, it's Android. Gingerbread actually sounds like Google is finally making a solid GUI. But we shall see.

    But I am waiting. Why? Because I want to see what HP has up their sleeves with the PalmPad. I want to see because when I purchase this Pad device, it will be my computer for the most part. I will do my school work on it (I go to school online -- most of my school work is writing replies to questions in a form like this one). I will read my e-Books on it (again, for school) I will surf the web with it. I will still use my iMac, I love it. But I will be using my Pad as a notebook. A portable computer. The iPad comes close, but until they allow Flash on it I will not be buying one. (Though Apple's reasoning for not doing so makes sense, Flash can be unstable).

    I could go on like this all day. Remember the time when tablets were stupid, especially the ones called pad? I do. What changed? Why is everyone so pad crazy? What do you want that you can't already get in an iPad today? Someone unthread mentioned the Apple tax. Are you kidding me? You should get a load of the Samsung tax.

    Someone come clean. is this brand loyalty for Palm, or brand hatred toward Apple? Just once, I would like to see someone justify the pPad.
    I actually don't remember when tablets were stupid. Maybe I am too young. What, twenty years ago? I'm 23 right now, always read tech magazines. I really don't remember tablets. I do remember PDA's, smartphones killed those. Maybe I should do a quick google and learn more about these tablets so I can answer your questions. (doing a quick google .. loading .... loading ...)

    OK, well I can tell you what the original tablet makers did wrong and what Apple did right. First, I still don't remember or know of a time where "pads were stupid". They weren't called that, but they were call Pen Computers. Or Slates (HA! Thats why HP call's it's slate a Slate!). But requiring to use a pen to do the input was a bad idea. Even software today has a hard time translating our writing into text. But a on screen keyboard, and the ability to make your iPad into a desktop and connect it to a real keyboard -- nice idea! Plus, Apple has the iPod and iPhone lovers behind them. They created the ground work for the iPad and then created the iPad. Made into a all-in-one computer/kindle like device. Lets call it ... the iPad! The Apple Tax is just plain stupid to even mention. I haven't actually read anyone saying Apple's products are too expensive in this thread. But since you did, let me tell ya ... where is the Apple tax? An all-in-one computer like the iMac will run you anywhere from 1000 - 1500 dollars depending on what you put into it. Thats how much the iMac costs. MacBook Air is not $999 and MacBook Pro's start at like what, 1200? None of that is too expensive considering what you get with it.

    Quote Originally Posted by Titan078 View Post
    I hate apple! That make you feel better?

    USB ports for.....charging phone and other equipment, usb drives, toss on random keyboard, file transfers, hacking,
    Why do you hate Apple? Or was that a joke. Anyway, I also see USB ports as a pointless feature. Why would you charge a battery from another battery? Anything you need to connect to transfer can be done via the cloud or bluetooth. USB Connectors shouldn't be on the iPad, Galaxy Tab, Playbook or PalmPad. For God's sake, I hope it is not called the Palm Pad.

    Quote Originally Posted by dandbj13 View Post
    So, after reading your response, I still don't get why you want a pad. Do you just want to have one like all the cool kids, or do you actually want to do something with it?

    One last thing, everyone has a right to their loves and hates. I do not begrudge you that. But as I have said in the past, if Palm is going to be successful in this endeavor, they have to have something going for them other than "We're not Apple!" There are just not enough people who want an Apple product, but hate Apple enough to buy a knock-off. The Pre was the anti-iPhone, and we see how that turned out. If all the pPad turns out to be is an anti-iPad, it's already dead, save for the few people around here who will grab one up. The rest will take their place in the anti-Apple landfills.

    I still challenge someone to come up with a viable, business reason for a pPad to exist.
    I agree. The Palm Pad has to bring something new to the game. I mean, I absolutely loved the Playbook -- heck, if the Palm Pad doesn't impress, I am buying that "pad" as you like to call them. But the Palm Pad needs something new. Some new feature that the iPad doesn't have. Flash isn't enough. And in my opinion -- although I am sure many people here would scream "gimmick" -- but having a 3D screen like the Nintendo 3DS would be great. Imagine going through your cards with a flick of your hand. How would that work? Front camera. What if the Palm Pad had two camera's on the back, just like the 3DS. Why? To take 3D pictures. That would be awesome. A gimmick for sure, but I would love that (of course, I am buying the 3DS, so I don't need it) but it might be a good enough feature -- especially if they do it right. Will they? Probably not, but it's an idea.
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    usb ports are good for getting things off of a camera. and the lights i have for my bike charge off of usb ports. personally, i feel like i'd really want one. but then, maybe i'm just thinking like a dinosaur.
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  6.    #66 palm pre charges off a usb port . Do not get me wrong i would not charge off the battery every day, but i like to have options. I also keep an ethernet cable, hdmi cable, 2 usb to micro usb cables, 2 sdhc cards, Small screw driver, usb to miniusb cable, headphones, and air card in my laptop bag along with my dv8t that gets 2 hours tops on battery :0). So i guess i might be the minority.
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