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    I find the threads here absolutely hilarious.

    Mr. Sood spoke about new incredible hardware. Um, did he say anything about a *smartphone* in that thread? If he did, I missed it.

    All you myopic Android phone users are missing the point. Mr. Sood spoke about new *hardware* that will blow everybody's minds within the next 12 months. And so the feeble-minded here automatically assume he's just talking about a friggin' phone? You guys -- who can't be more than 22 years old (and that's being generous) -- get a grip.

    Mr. Sood is going to set it straight tomorrow (well OK, well at least that's what I'm sayin' until proven wrong). I'm gonna go out on a limb here (and yeah baby, I could be *dead* wrong), but there WILL be a Pre (plus or minus) replacement withing the next two months. Hey, Folks -- why else would Verizon end-of-line the Pre Plus in mid-late October? Huh? Tell me. Give me a good reason. HP/Palm Hari Kari? Yeah, sure.

    I *DO* know there are a bunch of Pre-pubescent (ahem) folks here in desperate need of Prozac.

    My prediction: there will be a Pre/Pre+ replacement within the next 3 months *at most*. That replacement will NOT be the "incredible new hardware" Rahul is referring to.

    HP ... Palm ... prove me wrong!

    So what's YOUR prediction? (Bear in mind, we're all on record...)
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    I appreciate your post. But your comment about people's ages is idiotic.
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    This is Palm. If news breaks of Jon Rubinstein suffering from diarrhea, the Precentral forums will find a way to assume it's because he knows there won't be a new Palm product, ever.

    That said, I really do hope you're right, but the way he sounded really made me think "don't expect any hardware previous to the palmpad at CES".
    This is NOT a ridiculous thing like the world going to pieces because Hurd said they didn't buy Palm in order to be in the Smartphone business (I didn't buy my Pre in order to use it as an mp3 player, I bought it because of it's VERSATILITY. So did HP), but a premier spokesperson saying you shouldn't hope for hardware soon.

    Not that I care; my phone is well and I don't need a new phone right now. But some here have embraced the consumerist lifestyle pressed on them by commercials so much that they treat expensive high-tech gadgets like monthly changing consumables.
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    Verizon might have EOL'd the Pre Plus because of it's really poor sales (even though it's just as much their fault as Palm's), and the fact that they lost a ton of money on replacements. A carrier isn't going to want to carry a product that they have to dish out for (for all the phones) and then get complaint after complaint about the hardware failing and lose even more money giving away replacements.

    Even if Verizon did play their cards right, the Pre is a very shoddy piece of hardware and they still would've lost money. I'm just surprised it took them this long to be fed up with it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Austintwilliams View Post
    I appreciate your post. But your comment about people's ages is idiotic.

    Prozac is a antidepression. I think what people here are portraying here is anxiety. Xanax would be more of a beeter term.
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    Im with the author of this post, and believe something will be out on sprint and verizon this fall. Heres Part of Raul's blog trying to tip toe around the matter, and as I stated at webosworld, Raul dosent want to loose his job leaking information as he stated:

    You will certainly see products released over the next 12 months, some sooner than others, and some which are very exciting to me. The stuff that excites me the most are the new form factors. Now, when I said "over the next 12 months," I really mean over the next 12 months. Not at the end of 12 months, not tomorrow...but over the next 12 months we will see the makings of a new portfolio and the beginning of something great again. There is no predefined window of opportunity in the technology business; lack of innovation is the only thing that closes the window.

    so is very bland and broad saying over the next 12 months and not at the end of 12 months but not tomarrow. Also over at webosworld our main insider jackson reported he has a contact rumoring that sprint and palm will make an announcment on the release of the new phone before WP7 debouts no later then novemeber.
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    "Also over at webosworld our main insider jackson reported he has a contact rumoring that sprint and palm will make an announcment on the release of the new phone before WP7 debouts no later then novemeber."

    And so it begins, again...
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    I was starting to get worried myself, then Jackson emailed me this last night:
    I know you may be doubting our sources. Ok. We had found ourselves in the middle of a pickle for a little while as far as hard proof goes. Come back our way tomorrow. It'll make you into a believer.

    So hopefully some good news comes today.
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    What ever happened to that guy that released the Sprint Pre's info way back when....? ..... Inside Sprint Now

    Lets get his scoop.
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    I doubt that the new Palm phone that I'm sure is in the works is going to be anything "wondrous" or "magical". It's probably just going to be a decently designed smartphone running web OS. HP said the bought Palm to get webOS, not to go into the smartphone business. Now they said they'll keep producing smartphones with webOS I doubt their main focus is going to be on driving innovation in smartphones. They're more likely to let the mobile centric businesses do that and then just follow their lead on hardware while they work on their non-phone webOS innovations. I'm hoping one of those is a tablet that can leverage enough power to be a true netbook/laptop replacement and mobile computing option.
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    HP bought Palm because the future of computing is headed for the handheld devices. Many people today leave their laptops behind because they can access just about everything they need from their smartphone. This handheld connectivity will be the future.
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    Already take 50mg Zoloft daily, don't need no steeenkin' Prozac !!
    My device history:

    - Jim J.

    (On Sprint for many years)
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    Op, you're right the new incredible hardware is not smartphone. Palm/HP cannot directly become a player in the smartphone market with the iPhone, Android, and WP7.

    BUT, they can get into the smartphone market by the backdoor!! Re-introduce WebOS to the public by an incredible WebOS 2.0 tablet. The main stream public wants a tablet and the only game in town right now is the iPAD. The next tablet that catches the public eye will win BIG in the tablet AND the smartphone market!!

    So I predict that the new incredible hardware will be a WebOS 2.0 tablet. And this Android phone user will be in line to purchase a WiFi only WebOS 2.0 tablet IF it has great PIM applications
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    While I agree with you I'm with the others who don't feel your age comment is well founded. It's one thing to attack maturity and ability to comprehend text, but quite another to correlate that to age.
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    of course that buying palm not for smartphones comment has been cleared up months ago. Understand HP bought Palm and Webos to scale the OS through multiple portable devices which def include smartphones. Hp didnt need webos for laptops or computers sales to increase they re doing fine before Webos. They of course bought Palm and Webos for smartphones and tablets, because as stated above the industry is moving towards those two items. Soon nobody will focus as much at all on laptops and desktops it will be pad like devices that are very portable able to link and cloud it coupled with a powerful smartphone (which is what Microsoft, and Apple is already doing). Hp knows this is the direction they must move towards to stay profitable. So no there not going to make a half assed smartphone, yes they did buy Palm and Webos to compete in the smartphone area TOO.
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    heres the document on HP's intentions for Webos on Smartphones again:

    HP says all its future smartphones are going to use the webOS, and it won't be offering devices with Microsoft's Windows Phone 7.

    This announcement comes a few weeks after HP acquired the webOS along with Palm, Inc. The company has said before that it intends to make webOS-powered phones, but this is the first time HP has made it clear that it won't also be offering models with Microsoft's mobile operating system.

    A New Strategy
    Few would consider this a serious blow to Microsoft. Although HP's iPAQ Models were once the flagship devices running Microsoft's Pocket PC and later Windows Mobile operating systems, in recent years the company has become almost irrelevant in the smartphone market.

    HP is hoping to change this, and the cornerstone of its new strategy is the acquisition of Palm... and more importantly Palm's webOS.

    Last year, Palm hoped to turn its fortunes around with the webOS, but though this new operating system was generally applauded by reviewers, sales of the Palm Pre and Pixi were so low that the company was forced to sell itself to HP.

    Todd Bradley, the head of HP's smartphone division, says his company is going to make the webOS into a serious rival for Google's Android OS and Apple's iOS.

    Microsoft Not Out in the Cold
    Even without HP, Microsoft isn't hurting for companies to make smartphones based on Windows Phone 7. This fall, LG, Asus, and Samsung are expected to introduce models based this new operating system.

    In addition,Bradley says HP is going to make a tablet computer running the full version of Windows 7.

    HP To Use Only webOS on Its Smartphones, Not Windows Phone 7
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