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    I've checked multiple threads and have not seen much (if any) discussion on this particular topic. So I apologize in advance if this has already been addressed. The latest version of F104-A Starfighter runs at 1.1ghz. I recall a few threads saying they'd love to see a kernal at this speed. Well thanks to UNIXPSYCHO, we were given just that. I updated from F105 Thunderchief after seeing my Pre could not handle the SR-71 Blackbird. I am glad to say I've been running it with "no hassles" (a nod to 'Requiem for a Dream' anyone?). No freezes, random reboots, or app shutdowns. Temperature stays at 17-22 on idle, 27-35 with screen on, and 37-42 while running apps. Occasionally it will hit 47-52 on intense 3D gaming, but not enough to have cause for concern. I'm comfortable in saying this is a rather stable kernal thus far. Albeit, not everyone has the same build on their device obviously. But for me, 1.1ghz is beautiful. I consider this my stock Pre-cessor (get it?) .

    BackStory: Originally, I had a htc hero that I was fortunate enough to switch out because someone not Pre-saavy was willing to make the trade. She was badly bruised when I got her. So suffice it to say, she was better off with me.

    Update: After breaking it off with sprint (good riddance) and entering developer mode, I now have the ultimate media/gaming device: The MCN-1100 (which stands for Mini Chuck Norris running at 1.1ghz).

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