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    mapquest through "avantgo" is different if you were to just browse to it using regular blazer browser( the avantgo mapquest is far superior, but the only way to get to it is through blooody 5,000,000 kb avantgo!!! i'd rather just find out the url. but there is no way to find that out through the avantgo browser (it's not really a browser). does anyone have that url? can anyone hack it from avantgo? i hate to have avantgo for just mapquest but go to the url above (on your treo) and get a map, then get a map from mapquest through avantgo... any help would be lovely indeed
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    For me, there aren't many reasons to spend $400 or more to upgrade to the Treo 270 except to be able to read the MapQuest maps. Let me explain: I once launched a place location search on my Treo 180 using MapQuest and it was practically unreadable. The grey tones don't convey the differences between freeways and local roads the way the color does.
    With my Treo 180 I don't bother to go onto MapQuest. Which gets to the next, related point: I find I can do quite nicely with my Cingular 250 national plan as long as I don't get stuck with lengthy web browsing sessions. MapQuest is an example, at least for me, of a Web source that eats up time (move in, move out, where am I now?) etc. Just my two cents worth here...
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