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    Let's see, in the last 90 days...

    HP buys/partners with -- HP gets

    - Palm -- WebOS, mobile device operating system
    - Phoenix's Hyperspace -- Instant-On Booting
    - Vidyo (partnership) -- High quality teleconferencing / video chat
    - Melodeo's nuTsie* -- Music streaming service
    - Boston-Power batteries (2009 partnership) -- Longer lasting battery
    - Snapfish (2005 acquisition) -- Photo publishing and printing
    - Motionbox -- Video publishing
    - 3PAR -- Cloud storage service

    Webos 2.0

    quote rahul Sood, "We think you'll be pleasantly surprised by what's in store with webOS 2.0, what you see online is just a taster. You have to use it to fully appreciate it."

    It's like wearing velvet...

    So the question is is it possible that palm and hp will some how implement all of these things in order to create a massive beast of a phone software wise and also hardware wise. or is it just wishful thinking?

    I think there is no room for mediocrity, holding back or cheapness. This next phone needs to be wow wow wow. Even with the lack of apps i think this is where innovation can counter the lack of apps problem and at the same time attract more developers.
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    i'm pretty sure we've all been wonder these things as we watched HP make all of these handy acquisitions. my thoughts: i sure as heck hope so! if they throw around some loot, and put everything together, it really could set the new benchmark for mobile super tech.

    the main problem i see is that they may not have had enough time to implement all of these things into the next device. whatever happens though, you are so right about there being no room for mediocrity. Palm had to do that with the Pre (hardware-wise) because they were BA-ROKE (and not like harpsicord music). now that there is HP $ involved, i pray that they knock it out of the park.
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    Integrating all those disparate parts into a seamless experience by the user will certainly be a big challenge for HP. Time will tell if they're up to the task.
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    I would say HP plans to utlize these features on new devices to come. But not really all in one phone.

    Not to mention that with webOS 2.0, yes it will be a healthly update. But I tend not to believe the enthusiasm untill I feel it myself. Just becuase he says its the best thing since sliced bread doesn't mean anything to me. Wearing Velvet means its just extra fluffy.

    Then again perhaps becuase i've never worn velvet is where I'm lacking hope. I still believe it will be a great update. But its not gonna be like were pulling the sword from the stone here.

    For that to happen I need the following out of a 2.0 (new hardware) phone; new hardware on a launch 2.0, gui speed up (no lag or stuttering), feature feature feature. In all honesty, we have mostly had bug fix updates other then video recording and gaming. Thats it for me. 2.0 is shaping up to bring some of this, so we shall see.
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    I think all of this will be pulled together sometime later in 2011. The next device (as HP has stated a number of time) is what's already on Palm's roadmap. The first real HP-designed device will likely be the tablet, and then I think we'll see a lot of crazy things in 2011. By 2012, I think HP will have established itself--and Palm and webOS--as one of the most exciting platforms.

    Everyone who's writing off HP (and Microsoft, for that matter) are going to be surprised, I think. The smartphone market of 2012 is going to look very different, I predict, than the smartphone market of 2010.
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    Quote Originally Posted by wynand32 View Post
    I think all of this will be pulled together sometime later in 2011. The next device (as HP has stated a number of time) is what's already on Palm's roadmap.
    Exactly...the next Palm device will be nice but not anything in the form of a 'game-changer' get that out of mind now. The 3rd gen webOS/HP device will have all the hardware and software 1-2 punch we're expecting.
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    I have more than a little confident in HP|Palm. I'm optimistic and will remain so... Until proven differently. Ps. As for your thread statement ~ HP|Palm super phone is >>Possible<<
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    My opinion (andthats all it is, at this point)...

    The next device(s) may NOT have everything from the OP's post integrated, however, the devices have a significant potential to be "superphones" anyway, because of JR's vision to use the TI OMAP implementation of the Arm processors in them.

    This, coupled with WebOS's well defined multitasking capabilities and ease of use, on top of the rumored best of class specs could place the next devices at or above the competition, and even the later competition to come after them.
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    It should be clear, as I've mentioned to some of the naysayers, that HP is clearly going in full bore and will target RIM first and foremost. That's the softest market right now. Getting the high end consumers pried away from iPhone and Android will be tougher, but if you get people using these phones at work, many will come to love them and want them for their personal phone. This is exactly the playbook RIM used to dominate smartphones for a couple of years. They are falling behind because they have become old and stale, and have too many limitations in their functionality.

    If HP/Palm move fast to dig into this market by offering Enterprise level features, and fill out their business apps and PIM stuff, then they can come in and swipe a chunk from RIM and build momentum. I think all of these things mentioned in the OP's post are part of the plan. I think the 3PAR thing may be bigger than we think (you don't just plunk down $2B plus in a bidding war for something that you don't think is strategic).

    Personally, I am very excited by what I see. But, like everyone else...where are the *bleep* phones!

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