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    Hey, im not complaining, just wondering if anyone else gets the paint on their Treo scuffed from the belt clip? My sim card door bulged out a tiny bit, but gets the worst scrape from the clip. Any ideas on what to do to replace the sim card door or fix it?
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    You can buy a new sim door if you really want from Handspring Custumer service. I dunno what to do on the rest...
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    Drakion: I first ordered the Treo belt pouch with the little attached bag for storing the earpiece. It was too loose, too much calling attention to itself as it slung around. Then I ordered the thick leather Nutshell case for Treo ( in the belt loop style (they also have the belt clip style) and I have been very happy with it. It won't scrape anything, and I don't even notice my Treo 180 on my waist, since nothing moves around and it fits really snugly against the belt. My ONLY problem is that it kind of catches on my car seat when I get in and rotates so as to jab into my left kidney, but I have adjusted to it. They're not cheap at $39.95 + $8 shipping but well worth the price. I do not work for them nor have they asked me to write these remarks, by the way.
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