Ordered 3rd treo July 19th -no delivery till OCT?!

I ordered my treo 180 0n the first of july from Amazon with the voicestream rebate

It had to be sent back.

The replacement didn't work and had to be sent back also.

I ordered my 3rd treo (270) on July 19th

Anitra The rep at Amazon wireless told me it would be there in 4 days.

Instead I received and email That the treo was recalled for the screen problem.

The next email I received was that It would ship Aug 23

For deliviery on Aug 26th-30.

I oked the delay

Then I got an email saying Sept 2-9th

I oked the delay

Then I got an email saying Sept 27-October 8th.

I called Amazon and asked why the repeaded and contradictory delays and jennifer at Amazon wireless said the shipment never came from handspring on August 22nd.

I called Handspring and talked to GINI and sent Larry the manager an email

They told me they know of no delay in shipment to AMAZON.

They each blame the other. And no one is accountable. Enough is Enough. I wish sprint worked in my area...

Has anyone else bought from AMAZON and had these problems. If so holler loud and often.

Here are the contact numbers.

Headquarters_ 650-230-5000
Customer care 888-565-9393
ATT: Larry

Amazon wireless
Ryan Johnson Manager
You have to got through AMAZON regular customer service and then be transferred to the secret wireless number!!.... 1-800-201-7575/ 18002932910

Good Luck!