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    man, i wanna meet that woman who says 'lolololololololololo'. She sounds hilarious.

    Seriously, if you're that uncomfortable with your own sexuality, get something to compensate, like an 'Epic' or 'iHaveaBigDick'.

    Personally, I'd be happy with a Pixi, except I don't like the actual device. But if they called the Palm a Pixi, I couldn't care less. Really, a girl is more likely to think it's cute, and that you're less of a ****** 'cause you don't have something with a frankly stupid name like 'The HTC Amazingly Lightning Tsunami Totally powerful MuscleMan Phone SX!'

    Basically, the guys concerned about the name of the phone: Get some balls. And the girls concerned about the name... well, I'm willing to bet most girls aren't.
    I clarified that she actually laughed out loud (what LOL stands for) and typing it over and over was to make the point that she did it a lot. I didn't mean to hit a sore spot, just trying to add some humor to the thread. If we go by what you are saying, why not rename the next Palm phone the Palm Tampon? I just think a lot of people over look the Pixi because of its name. The iPhone doesn't sound many, or any of the Galaxy S phones other than the epic, or the BlackBerry Pearl, Curve, or Torch. All I am saying is that a name change could only help, right? Are people only buying the Pixi because of its name?
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    Hey, I'm sorry if my post earlier sounded a little harsh, and I wasn't trying to have a go specifically at Schmid7y. And the lolololo thing was more my silly mind thinking of that trololo guy.

    Anyway. I was just saying, people need to chill a little, especially about the pixi thing. To be honest, i'd feel a little silly having something called the 'epic' or the 'palminator' or whatever. We just need to be sensible.

    I was directing my comments at some of the more insecure people here, which probably aren't even in this thread, who I've heard talking about the pre being a 'woman's phone' and so forth. it really bothers me. Those are the guys who need to get some balls. But I can appreciate that it kinda looked like I was saying Schmid7y did, and I wasn't intending to say that.

    Also, the pre coming out of the grave graphic - i love that.
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    No problem at all man, thanks for the clarification. My post was kind of childish, but I really do appreciate it. My post was just meant to *** some humor to the thread
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    I have to agree that if one derives one's self-esteem from one's phone, then one has bigger problems to worry about. And that's about as many "one"'s as I should use in any sentence.
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