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    anyone know how to configure a treo (170) with a mac G3 powerbook? amazinlgy enough, the G3 powerbook does not have a USB port. i can get a serial hotsync cable, but i need an adapter to connect it to my mac's printer/modem port. anyone know of a workaround for this. thanks in advance.

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    Could you use IR?
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    thanks for the quick reply. as far as i know, the treo won't hotsync via IR. i could be wrong. i just got it. maybe you know more?
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    Take a bit of time to search these forums/postings carefully, and you will find folks who do use IR to HotSync Treos. You might also find other useful info to help you with Mac-to-Treo integration.
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    I also urge you to search. However, the short-answer (back from when I used to sync my IIIx to my crummy laptop): go into the hotsync app and choose IR to a PC/Handheld instead of "Direct USB/Serial"
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    thanks very much. i found a post from Bomeyer that describes the process. i'm going to try it tonight. i'll let you know how it goes.
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    can someone help me with my IR hotsynch? the hotsynch manager cannot seem to find the IR port in the local setup (or any setup). i have appletalk active and IR Port selected in appletalk, but the hotsynch manager can only recognize the printer/modem port and the PC card port. how do i get the IR port to show in the hotsynch manager? thanks very much.

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