View Poll Results: When or will you be upgrading to the new WebOS 2.0 device?

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  • Will you get the new WebOS 2.0 device on launch day regardless of which carrier has it?

    13 3.96%
  • Will you get the new WebOS 2.0 device on Sprint launch day?

    268 81.71%
  • Will you wait for your 2 yr contract to be up?

    31 9.45%
  • Will you wait until your current Pre dies?

    16 4.88%
  • Will you switching to any device thatís available when your Pre dies?

    0 0%
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    I would probably hop over to TMobile if they got it first - never to ATT or Verizon. That said I've been with Sprint for about 11 years now so I hope I'm not forced to make a jump.
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    Quote Originally Posted by notcalvin View Post
    uhhh I thought my pre was going to update to 2.0...?
    It's my understanding that it will. That's why the question is whether or not you'll get the new WebOS device. It to Sprint customers, because we have the original Pre and the +s have a bigger hard drive and faster processing speed.
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    I cannot wait until launch day. Sprint premier customer and I don't plan on getting any phone unless it comes with webOS. My wife feels the same. She hasn't been on her computer ever since I bought her a Pre. With 2.0 on the way we're both excited.
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    oh yeah
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    i will purchase it as soon as i can with sprint.
    i am still using my centro so, palm, pleeeease hurry!!
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    I am in no hurry to upgrade. I want to see what HP/Palm comes out with and compare it with the Android phones that are out at that time. I will be staying with Sprint as the monthly charges are incredibly low. I do not want to pay a 4G tax if there is no 4G service in the area I live and work no matter what phone I end up with. I think that is insane. Frankly, after overclocking my Pre a couple weeks ago, it is running just fine and I am very happy with it.
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    Yes becuase im a early adopting sheep.
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    How come there's still no San Francisco Giants theme and Palm is a bay area based company. It makes no sense, I don't get it. I bet there's plenty of people who would want one. I might have to start a petition.
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    Where do I line up!!!
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    I'm quite happy with my launch day Sprint Pre since I installed UberKernel (running 500/800). I have not seen a TMC error since! I definitely wouldn't jump ship to a different carrier. In my area, Sprint internet is far superior to Verizon or AT&T and I tether my laptop every night at work. T-Mobile just sucks as.

    I probably wouldn't rush to upgrade if it didn't come with 4G. That would probably be the only major hardware improvement I'd be interested in. Or, of course, if it had a built in coffee maker or kegerator

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    I love how every choice in the poll was a question.

    I am a launch day AT&T Pre owner. I am not leaving AT&T. I gotta have my voice and data at the same time. So since I got my Pre so recently, I am gonna have to wait till my contract is up again.
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    Quote Originally Posted by vasekvi View Post
    I love how every choice in the poll was a question.

    I am a launch day AT&T Pre owner. I am not leaving AT&T. I gotta have my voice and data at the same time. So since I got my Pre so recently, I am gonna have to wait till my contract is up again.
    Most of us are launch day Sprint Pre owners. We don't have the plus. But check out the thread where Rahul Sood talks about his WebOS 2.0 device.It's not much, but it really has some of us early adopters chomping at the bit.

    After reading some of the posts, I realize that there are some things that would give me pause about jumping to the new device. Major being size (too big) or no keyboard. I've tried no keyboard before and it really was a pain. But compared to anything else out there, I may have to try it (not). I'd probably sit on my Pre and wait for other form factors.

    It's so easy to imagine I can be patient while I have no choice. I started the thread, because I knew I'd most likely cave on opening day. Originally, I was going to wait until the Pre came to VZW. You see where that got me.
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    times change and tastes change. The old iphone had what was considered to be the perfect screen size. Now the new one has a larger screen and buyers have adjusted to it and adopted it. The new Torch, however, has pretty much the same screen size as the Pre.

    if I was on Sprint I would definitely "plus" my phone. From what I have seen, the VZW Pre has the best hardware. The sliders have much less wobble than the ATT Pres. The ATT keyboard is a bit better but I would far prefer to have zero slider freeplay.
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    I like Sprint as a network. Verizon and ATT are out of the question for me. So, I'll be waiting for Sprint launch day (and hoping that we get it first anyway). I may have joined up with Sprint for the Pre, but I'm sticking with them for their phenomenal data network.
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    Are you talking about liking the Clear Wimax 4G network as the data network you like about Sprint or their 3G network? Because no matter where I am, every time I compare internet speeds with a VZW or Sprint Pre against my ATT Pre, my phone crushes them on web page load times. In fact, I am sorry to report that a co-worker that I sold a VZW Pre will return her phone today because her phone stays hot all day just trying to keep a signal alive and it kills her battery. She is going back to her VZW Bold 9650.
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    att 3g speeds are faster because gsm. I am definitely in need of upgrade. I'm on my fifth pre since buying in november. Without uberkernel this thing would probly be in the garbage by now, it's a pre minus. I hope they come out with a form factor that I like. I would prefer a horizontal slider since it's so much more comfortable and a lot easier to type on. This vertical slider is ok but I got big fingers so I'm constantly backspscing to fix mistypes. A good workng virtual keyboard as well as a real one would be awesome to satisfy almost everyone. And build quality has to come WAY WAY UP. This crap quality currently out aint gonna cut it anymore and I'm not going to put up with it again on my next phone. A new phone with webos 2.0 is hopefully in my future.
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    I'll wait until my 2yr contract is up next May. I just bought a new car so I need that sting to go away first. I'll be happy with my Pre(Sprint) getting 2.0 so I can definitely wait.
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    I'm a launch day sprint Pre user as well I came to sprint just for the Pre and I won't be leaving. I will most definitely be a launch day sprint Pre WebOS 2.0 user.
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    Quote Originally Posted by bstryd View Post
    oh, pretty sure I will. The hesitation is from the fact the us Sprint Pre early adopters never got an upgrade path with Sprint. That has just teed me off. And I'm gettin' rreeaallyy tired of the TMC alert.
    Try Uberkernel and you won't see the TMC errors anymore
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    Quote Originally Posted by csalinardi View Post
    Try Uberkernel and you won't see the TMC errors anymore
    or the f105, warthog or any of the kernals as a matter of fact. I have a sprint version still too, and havent had the TMC error for months since the first kernal was released.
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