View Poll Results: When or will you be upgrading to the new WebOS 2.0 device?

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  • Will you get the new WebOS 2.0 device on launch day regardless of which carrier has it?

    13 3.96%
  • Will you get the new WebOS 2.0 device on Sprint launch day?

    268 81.71%
  • Will you wait for your 2 yr contract to be up?

    31 9.45%
  • Will you wait until your current Pre dies?

    16 4.88%
  • Will you switching to any device thatís available when your Pre dies?

    0 0%
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    I am a Sprint Premier customer, so I will be elgible to upgrade at any time.

    That said, I doubt I will get the new device on launch day. Probably will wait until it's been out for a while and read up on it first.

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    Hell yeah I'm going to upgrade on launch day...though it will be sad to have to put my launch day Pre away afterwards :-(
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    The original Pre is the best phone I've ever owned, and I would upgrade just for an improved keyboard that the later models have. Although I would love a slightly bigger screen with a higher resolution, I would keep the original if the size and shape of the new changed very much. It's just to easy and comfortable to use, and I've had no hardware problems that I read from others.
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    I think it will depend on the form factor. I will if it keeps a physical keyboard / vertical form factor.
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    I will be buying the next Palm, no question about it. I bought my Pre used because a Sprint employee had such horrible things to say about it that I wanted to keep my eligibility to upgrade if it really turned out to be as bad as she said. (I didn't know about the 30-day return policy. She did not tell me about it, and she virtually refused to sell me a Pre. She wanted me to buy a Moment. Seriously. If I wanted a brick in my pocket, I wouldn't be buying a phone.)

    Turns out, she was so, so wrong. I cannot imagine using anything but WebOS on a mobile device. I work as a tech writer, and I document some Android devices. I'm always trying to flick up to minimize apps to a card on the Android phones, and I get aggravated every time.

    I'm not in a huge hurry, though. I'm quite happy with me Pre. It does everything I want it to, and more. I never imagined that the purchase of this phone would include a high-end, portable, 3D-gaming console. So, will I upgrade? Sure, when my Pre breaks, or if the new phone is super compelling. Until then, I can be quite content with my Pre.
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    14 years on sprint - absolutly terrible customer serivce. I've had multiple bad experiences - one very recently that i am still trying to resolve w/ customer support. The only reason I've stayed with them was to get the Pre. Enougth of that. when my pre goes I go.
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    Yes. Next Palm device can you come now......
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    Count me in on a 2 day wait in front of Sprint. This is bigger than Black Friday to me, I can tell you that for sure.
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    I'm thinking sprint 4g + WebOS 2.0 ... that will be awesome!!!
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    I used my Premier upgrade on the EVO 4G 2 weeks ago, returned the EVO 4G after a week and went back to my Pre. I'll be using it on a new webOS device.
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    Unless they do something dumb like drop the physical keyboard, I'm there on launch day. I have to be, my Pre has taken a beating and I will needs something new soon
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    My wife and I will be lined up on launch day even if it means taking time off work. I should say that we'll get it launch day as long as there are benefits for doing so. Things needed? A faster cpu, more RAM, MUST have a hardware keyboard. Do NOT leave us stranded with only an on-screen keyboard, for the love of God! Personally I couldn't care less about a larger data partion, but without the before mentiioned improvements and requirements (hardware keyboard) we'll keep our beloved Pres. After all, we're not iSheep... We've been Palm customers for a looong time and their devices haven't let us down yet, so I assume that the device will exceed our expectations.
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    I'm not doing a launch week device again. Going to wait at least a few months for a few manufacturing kinks to get worked out, I don't much feel like the headache of Palm's bleeding edge hardware again.....that is assuming my Pre lasts until then.
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    I presume the next device will function with the Touchstone, will have a slightly larger display (but will still fit easily in my pocket) and will have a physical keyboard. It that's what they come up with, I'll be there for the new version (however I won't wait in a long line). For me, the TS is the biggest potential dealbreaker. If the new device won't work with the three TS's I have, I'll definitely stay with the Pre I own.
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    I'll get it launch day on Sprint but not on any other carrier.

    And I'm hoping for NO hardware keyboard, thin device, virtual keyboard, good battery, fast processor, big screen. And must look good.
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    Can't wait to unload my 4th Pre (got original on launch). Absolutely love webOS, absolutely hate the hardware of the Pre. Even now my most current one's USB area has a broken piece of plastic (thin as hell) half sticking out.

    Make the new one a solid steel brick.
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    I'm not in a hurry to upgrade from my Pre, but I'm eligible for an upgrade. If the new Palm hardware is attractive to me (similar format w/ larger screen, more memory), and available om Sprint, then I'm definitely interested in getting one.
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    uhhh I thought my pre was going to update to 2.0...?
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    I've finally got the parts on the way to FrankenPre mine to a Plus variant. If that goes successful then I will definitely wait until the initial bugs are out and homebrew is fully up and running and the price drops a bit before I pull the trigger. That being said, if, they tack on a 4G radio and charge that $10 data surcharge it's a no go. If it lacks a physical keyboard it will be a no go. If they make it one of these 4" droid wannabe devices it'll be a no go (seriously, if you want something that big get a tablet.) I've been patiently waiting since June for my upgrade so a little longer won't hurt. If however they screw it up the new phone and tack on the ridiculous data surcharge I may look to Verizon. Sprint has some fairly decent droids but, all of theirs run some kind of crap UI overlay instead of stock droid. That coupled with the great work of the homebrew crowd (most notable the Govnah and Uberkernel team) is the only thing that has kept me around this long. If my plussing operation works as well as expected I may just stick with it till it dies. So, there really is no option for me in the poll (Sorry!)
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    I have been impatiently waiting a new palm device. I have a launch day Pre and my Sprint premier update has been up for a couple months now. I have been looking pretty hard at the Epic 4g but I love Web-os and would rather just upgrade to a new device running it. However I will not wait much longer. I'm giving Hpalm until the middle of the month to announce something. I hear rumors but nothing concrete. Love my Pre. Overclocked and patched to my liking. Because of Homebrew I'm able to fight the urge to jump but I wont wait much longer...
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