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    We have all seen the disgruntled post from people about the lack of an office editing suite on our WebOs phones. My question to everyone is since Palm wants to get some of that market share away from Blackberry, do you think that HP should have made a play for Data Viz? I think that they should have. If HP wants corporations to use their phones for business then it needs a robust office editing suite like data viz. It doesnt make sense to me that HP spent several billions on just 2 acquisitions to help bolster their mobile phone department but wouldn't spend 50 million on the most used office editing suite that many corporation employees use. This would have gave HP a huge advantage in gaining corporate market share away from Blackberry. What do you guys think?
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    I just want something that works with webOS...but I see your point.
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    Why spend 50 million, when we pretty much know webos is getting open office (quick office)?
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    that's the first I've heard about OpenOffice...but I like it It's the only WP I use at home.
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    I was personally glad to see an extension of an open source development coming available for webOS, not sad at all that dataviz is gone.
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    Quickoffice and OpenOffice are two entirely different things.

    Quickoffice is a mobile office suite that's been around since Palm OS. (Quickoffice Home)

    OpenOffice is an open-source desktop office suite. ( - The Free and Open Productivity Suite)
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    Yes, bought them, then shut them down. Can you tell I'm annoyed that DataViz lied?
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