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    Quote Originally Posted by laingman View Post
    My pre screen is way more scratch resistant than the centro was. I have dropped it many times on tile and not a scratch anywhere. I like the form of the pre with no seem, don't think they can do that with glass
    I felt the reverse is true. my 3 year old centro screen is still is great shape, but after 6 months my pre's screen was quite scratched.
    I can't imagine a worse thing to happen to my phone than a cracked/shattered screen, so not being able to break/shatter/crack is the most important factor for me.
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    Quote Originally Posted by tirk View Post
    Transparent aluminium.
    Did HP/Palm hire Montgomery 'Scotty' Scott?
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    animantium and gorilla glass is the way to go.
    Palm prē-ist.
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    Quote Originally Posted by manordwall View Post
    Thats What She said
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    Quote Originally Posted by asharrop View Post
    you seem to be under the impression that Gorilla Glass, and that glass the iPhone 4 uses that Jobs talked about being used in helicopters are the same thing.

    Gorilla Glass is not used on the iPhone 4. It is, however, used in the Samsung Galaxy S line.

    iFixit is the ones that claimed Gorilla Glass was used in the new iPhone, and they're also the ones who later said they're not so sure about that. Neither Corning (Gorilla Glass company) nor Apple have announced it as using it. Corning HAS announced that their glass is used in the Galaxy S line...
    Meh. Toughened glass either way?
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    Quote Originally Posted by iTz Nicholas72 View Post
    Gorilla Glass

    I hate how easy the plastic scratches... I know I should use a screen protector but I like the naked feel of my PP.
    You must like the touch stone.
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    I'll take whatever they put on it. I think I prefer plastic, because I don't have faith in glass not breaking and I've dropped my Pre a few times. As long as they aren't silly with the glass and just leave it on the front, a glass screen might survive. Having said all that, I'd prefer a scratched screen to a broken glass screen. But again, I'll take whatever they put on the device.
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    I hope they use gorilla glass.
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    If it's not glass it will look outdated. They have to use glass. My pre has SO many scratches and I take good care of it.
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    Yeah, my Pre had a bunch of minor "pocket" scuffs when i sold it. I will say, the Pre's screen was REALLY good in daylight compared to current glass screens though. Glass just seems more reflective. Almost makes me want to get a matte protector for my Evo.

    But glass feels SOOOOOOO much more solid.
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