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    Quote Originally Posted by Kupe View Post
    This is a slippery slope. It's fine to differentiate a devices capabilities, but the very nature of these kinds of devices means capability trades are made. For every jab you take at an iPhone/iPad shortcoming, there are several shortcomings on your own device that can be exploited.

    And don't forget - in the world of complex devices for the masses, less is more. The market, writ large, is not interested in a laundry list of technical features/capabilities. They need to be convinced that the purchase of one of these devices will improve lifestyle. So while multi-tasking and Stacks might wow the small, technorati subset, the vast majority of the potential buyers are worried about shopping, linking up with friends/family, being entertained, and perhaps conducting the core functions of business (comms of many flavors, document sharing/viewing/editing, scheduling, journaling/note-taking).

    Prove to the masses a device does something in a new, irresistible fashion, and folks will look long and hard at buying it.
    I think you give the masses too much credit. Heck, just show something shiny and pretty and they'll go nuts.

    They don't want stuff that makes their life better. They want something cool to show off. That's fun to use.

    I said it at the Pre launch and i still say it. You market directly at Apple because they are the reference smartphone. If they respond, you win. With hardly any marketshare, Palm/HP has to be aggressive. I just posted you don't have to mention the iword, but i would.

    When making a commercial, you are in charge. You set the rules. You set the criteria. You have the ability to make anyone look like a joke. Humorous jabs at apple is the best move IMO. There's already a built in anti apple crowd that will love it.

    As an iphone owner, iOS is too simple & limited. You parody that. Can't change sounds? C' HAVE to attack that. Show a room full of people and play that familiar iphone SMS alert that they can't change and have everyone pulling out an iphone.

    Show some iphone user opening an app, tapping the button over and over. Set the mood or music to capture how ridiculous it is. Then show off webOS multitasking.

    There's several things Palm/HP could do here. Incoming SMS? Notification? Integrated chat? Just Type? Touchstone.
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    Quote Originally Posted by rmausser View Post
    Here is what I think Palm should do for their Pre 2 commercial:

    Rather than trying to compete for most apps (which they will NOT win) they should convince the public that apps are old news, and that "Synergy" is the next big thing.

    This would tie into WebOS 2.0 allowing developers to make Synergy apps and plugins.

    So heres the commercial:

    It would start out by claiming that apps are so yesturday, but not in a way that bashes a competitor (I do not like seeing a competitor being bashed in an Ad, and I don't think Palm has the brand power to do it without seeming as desperate...)

    The ad would then show how in order to complete a bunch of tasks, the user would have to download a different app for each one, a different skype, msn, yahoo, foresquare, facebook chat app in order to do all these different tasks. All of these apps have to be opened and closed to see them, they only work when they are open, and they dont have a way to notify the user of status updates. Plus, you you have to learn how to use 12 different apps with different layouts, which can be a pain for beginners.

    With Synergy (show Palm Pre 2) on the Palm Pre 2, all of these apps can be integrated into the phones main features, like the Phone Dialer, the Messaging application, the Calendar, and the Contact list. All the apps share the same information and space, and exist tightly integrated with the phone. No need to learn a billion different apps, no need to keep closing and opening a bunch of apps: all of your services tie right into the phone itself and are available all of the time. Plus, you can be notified of when someone enters a cool restaurant on Foresquare, or when your friend comments on your post on Facebook, without having to leave an app open.

    Then say something like:

    Apps: clunky, divided, unintuitive and uncommunicative.
    Synergy: Simple, unified, notified.

    The Palm Pre 2 with WebOS 2.0

    What do you think?
    --this-- i also liek the visual of all the iphone sheeple in the room "is that yours , is that yours, whose iphone is beeping" 'cause you can't even change that..(seriously ???)....
    -- VZW Pre+ -- Uberk/Gov fixed @ 1ghz -- QPST gps mod -- stock battery (?mugen 3800?) --
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    Quote Originally Posted by cardfan View Post
    I think you give the masses too much credit. Heck, just show something shiny and pretty and they'll go nuts.

    They don't want stuff that makes their life better. They want something cool to show off. That's fun to use.
    I think you're thinking of fashion advertising. I'm referring to technology advertising.

    - Nobody needs a microwave oven and a shiny, pretty one isn't a discerning quality.
    - Nobody needed a VCR and a shiny, pretty one wasn't a discerning quality.
    - Nobody needs a DVD/Blu-Ray player and a shiny, pretty one isn't a discerning quality.
    - Nobody needs a [fill this in with your pet technology device that is ubiquitous] and a shiny, pretty one isn't a discerning quality.

    People need to be shown why a device should matter to them. Certainly there are sub-markets within these devices' markets, but the 'shiny/pretty' market for technology is minuscule part of the overall potential market. More often than not, simple, effective, affordable, useful wins out or shiny/pretty. The challenge is in building and then presenting a device that is actually somewhat complex, as simple.

    A potential technology customer doesn't want to have to change their life for new technology, they want the new technology to support/improve/enhance/simplify their lifestyle.
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    First off...for those who gave ideas, all good so far. There was one person who said one should get people pumped and then another showing features, which I agree with 100 %. And sorry...I been working tons of over time, hard to reply when I have no time!

    Quote Originally Posted by alvaro_qc View Post
    Lets face it, a big part of the market is *****. Ads like the creepy woman or the guys with screens in front of them while they walk don't work simply because people don't understand what they're talking about. There's no better advertisement in my opinion that several ads where people are actually using the device, showing one of the features that make Palm different from the competition (Touchstone, multitasking [But explain it as easy as possible! No creepy ladies of screens], gestures, apps, etc).
    I think if you saw the video I wanted to make you would think different. The ad was designed to make people think Palm is making something cool and getting them to actually look up the device. Then, of course, they would highlight features (like the person I mention above) which should be done.

    Anyway...guys keep chatting and making ideas!
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