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    Because I've never been able to reply to, or send e-mail messages from Eudora (I'm with Cingular which goes through My Wireless Window, and it can receive, but cannot send messages via my Earthlink ISP address), I use SMS to send (annoyingly) short messages when necessary. When I send a message it shows my Cingular phone number as the sender, and some people say they deleted the message because they routinely delete SPAM, and they didn't "know" my phone number. In SMS is there a way to change the sender address, or will it only show my phone number? I know I can create a "signature" but that will appear in the body of the message, some may not even bother to read.
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    With VoiceStream, now T-mobile, it is possible to change the 'name' part of the e-mail address. So, instead of "", it can be changed to "". The modification is done from the web site. Now it isn't your regular address, but at least you can get your name, and not just a bunch of numbers, in there.

    I don't know if Cingular has this feature. If not, just tell them, "Well, T-mobile can do that. Maybe I need to switch. ".

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    Easiest way would be if they have your number in their address book in which your name would be displayed as the sender. Otherwise I am afraid the only way would be to add your name as signature to the end of the SMS.
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    My solution is to use a free, non-ISP pop/smtp account - Works well with Eudora on the Treo.
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    Not with SMS!!
    SMTP/POP does not come into the equaltion!
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    Well, if you read the original problem it's really not about SMS.

    He is only using SMS as a workaround, since he is unable to send email thru his ISP. ( I guess because of authentication problems).

    So his real issue is how to send a "message that looks like email" - in worst case via SMS, better via email, that's why I recommended the hotpop solution.
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    Yes, you are correct: that is the reason I was wanting to send SMS messages which, to a recipient looked like e-mail. Since the day I posted my query, I have thankfully been helped by someone on another thread, and after 5 months of not being able to send or reply to e-mails, I am now able to do so. Without going into a lengthy, detailed discussion, suffice it to say Earthlink will accept my outgoing messages if I use as the outgoing server, and then log in and use my password. Some of those steps are now automatic, as my password is memorized and it ends up being seamless. So my problem, my actual problem, has been solved.
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