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    Before I bought my 180 early this year, I found out that Deutsche Telekom had purchased VoiceStream (who would be my carrier) not long ago. I figured with that kind of big-time financial backing the expansion of VS coverage areas and services would be assured.

    But today's NY Times reports that Telekom just posted a record quarterly loss of $2 billion, and "was keeping 'all options open' for disposing of its American cellular phone service, VoiceStream".

    Should we be worried about further improvements in GSM coverage and services if Telekom appears to think VS is a money trap?
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    We can worry about it, but since we can't do anything about it the only ones who are disadvantaged by worrying is us. Bottom line is that the Telekom bosses (and Voicestream's too) still ride home in their Porsches every night. We just have to ride the tide. Hang in there.
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    DT has shopped VS around, first to ATT and now to Cingular. Who knows what will happen

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