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    I am a verizon customer, have been for about 9 yrs., I have never been a cell phone fan....until I got my Palm Pre Plus. For the past two months my service has been awful. I finally called Verizon, they said "Sorry you live in a bad area, we will let you out of your contract (5 lines, and a Mi-fi card).

    So I went to at&t just in time for the new data package (2g).

    My question is, what do I do for a phone now?

    I only get AT&T service at my house, I need internet from my cell, and I picked up an Iphone 4 and HATE IT!

    Can I get internet on a Palm Pre Plus with PDAnet? And how does this work?

    If I go with AT&T, is there a way to move everything to my new pre?
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    at&t has a "Connection manager" for tethering. You can also use FreeTether or MyTether. I don't think supports webOS.

    Moving stuff to your new Pre should be easy.

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