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    I think this might be more appropriate is the Homebrew forum, but I don't seem to be able to post there, so I thought it'd be cool to start a thread discussing the various modes folks have set up with the awesomely awesome Mode Switcher Homebrew app.

    I haven't played with it all THAT extensively, but here's what I got -

    Home, SSID based trigger
    Ringer Volume Max, GPS disabled

    Work SSID based OR location based (one office has wi-fi, other does not)
    Ringer volume off, Vibrate on, gps disabled, brightness 15% (The lights are usually on at work)

    Now the fun ones -
    Game Time!
    Based on Chicago Cubs schedule in Calendar
    Lauches and twitter client

    triggered by Geocaching for WebOS app focus
    Brihtness to 100%, GPS on

    Low power
    triggered by batter 15% or lower
    Data, wifi, GPS Bluetooth off, Brightness to 10%

    That's what I got. I know, uninspiring, btu hence the thread. Maybe we can all learn from each other's innovation. And by we all, I mean me

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    Sleep: triggered by placement on touchstone. messaging notification off, GPS off, ringer @ 50%. Open mail and messaging on removal of device from TS.

    NoGPS: my "office" mode. activated by ringer switch being turned off. GPS off. brightness @ 15%. this was more of a test mode to conserve some battery life while at work. i'll fiddle with it a little more to see what else i can do to lower battery usage in this mode.

    YMCA: whenever i go to the Y near me, I have zero real phone service, so i usually just go to airplane mode while i'm there. i set it up to activate airplane mode when i'm within 1000 meters of the YMCA.
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    I do mostly manual triggers, but here goes:

    One thing I've done is created a special wallpaper for many of my modes, so I can easily tell which one is active. My default wallpaper is a scene of our favorite beach.

    Meeting: Ringer and all notifications to vibrate, screen brightness to 30%, default wallpaper sepia toned. Manual trigger.

    Night: Notifications to vibrate, ringer to 25%, default wallpaper greyscaled. Trigger from 11:55pm until 6am.

    Golf: GPS on, screen brightness up, launch GolfPinFinder and GPS Fix, switch wallpaper to a picture I took of a fairway at Devil's Knob Golf Course. Manual trigger.

    Wi-Fi: Switches data off when connected to my home wi-fi. Experimenting to see if this makes a difference with battery life. I work from home, so I'm here a lot. Triggers when connected to my home network.

    Driving: Turn on GPS and Bluetooth, turn screen brightness up to 50% since the phone will be on the Touchstone. Manual trigger.
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    Quote Originally Posted by smmullen View Post
    One thing I've done is created a special wallpaper for many of my modes, so I can easily tell which one is active.
    I do the same thing!
    My device history:

    - Jim J.

    (On Sprint for many years)

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