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    I may be stupid but...half the time when I click on a bookmark in Blazer I access a page that is months old! I use Cingular in California. What is the step I am missing? If I recall, it is necessary for the Treo to go to My Wireless Window first, in order to get the latest page, but it doesn't seem to take that step automatically. What am I doing wrong, or not doing?
    By the way, if I find a web page I want to copy, I access it through EudoraWeb, and can then copy and paste it into MemoPad. Not perfect, but it works.
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    I've noticed that Blazer reads a page from the cache whenever possible, without connecting to the Internet.

    Have you tried Refresh?

    (On Treo 180: Hit the menu key and then either hit the "R" key or tap on "Refresh" under "Page")
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    You could prevent the cache from storing pages by setting the RAM size of the cache to a low number in the Blazer prefs. You will slow down general page loading though if you jump to a page within a site and all the same framing/button graphics reload each time. The cache controls both historic page caching and live caching.

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