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    With all the rumors of the Pre 2 coming in October to the big V, I started considering the possibility of switching from Sprint if it is only released on Verizon. I believe another exclusive launch will be of no help to H/Palm, and the phone would suffer a similar fate to the original Pre launch on Sprint. I also think this would be a slap in the face to all of the loyal Sprint Pre owners (Release-day Pre still running like a champ, minus a modded power button) who have been waiting desperately for new hardware for what seems like an eternity.
    There are many pros of staying with Sprint, price being the biggest. I did a quick spec of an equivalent plan on Verizon with a 20% corporate discount, and it is still at least 30 dollars more per month than my Sprint plan. Also, losing out on nights/weekends at 7, as well as unlimited cell calling would be a huge slam.
    However, I have noticed recently that I have been dropping more calls than usual. I travel every weekend throughout Ohio, and I now am to the point where there are certain areas where I must hang up with my caller because it will drop. These areas recently have become more widespread. I don't know if it is because of the 4.5 update, or just some string of bad luck, but I am honestly just tired of dropping calls. All the while my Verizon cohorts constantly rub their phone's reliability in my face.
    So the decision process begins. I am looking for anyone's opinion on the matter, whatever that may be. What will you decide to do if the Pre 2 shows up and is Verizon only? Is better service area worth the added cost? Does Verizon even have better service, or is it all relative? Any thoughts, observations, theorems, proverbs, etc. will be greatly appreciated.
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    I mean, if you need to actually use your phone as a phone, then better service area is worth the added cost. So if you can AFFORD the $30 a month extra (+$5 for N&W at 7 and if most of your cohorts use Verizon, you will unlimited calling to them if you switch).

    Someone is going to tell you that you can just roam on Verizon, but that's dependent on the PRL of the Pre not picking up a crappy tower on a local carrier because they have a less expensive roaming agreement with them than they do with Verizon. Obviously, roaming on Verizon is not happening for you.

    If your service is that terrible, call Sprint and complain about it. I called them last week and complained, and now after 11 months with Sprint, I'm on off-contract and am month-to-month. So that's an avenue to take if you want to leave ETF free.
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    I dread the idea of going back to Verizon and their nickel and dime to death rate structure . Sprint's reception where I live and work (CA, NV and AZ) is really good and Sprint's rates are the best in the industry. The way Verizon blotched the release of the Pre Plus (and still is) it would be a disaster for Palm to release their new phone on this carrier exclusively. Verizon has big dollars invested in their Droid platform and they are more concerned with getting a return on their investment than launching a new Palm phone. Hopefully Palm learned their lesson.
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    I like the Pre enough to not worry about this stuff. A new device will come to Sprint and their pricing, coverage, and the fact that the Pre is a great phone yet will keep me. Why would I through my money out the window to pay more for service with Verizon instead of simply waiting - it isn't worth the lost money to me. Besides... I really doubt Sprint users will have to wait long (if at all) for a new device too. Why sweat about it now?
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    Wow, I never thought about that possibility. However, if that ever happen.. I'll ??
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    I'll hack it first and put it on sprint.
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    It doesn't matter to me. The Pre and Sprint works for me right now, at a great price (two Everything Plans for $100). I can wait until it comes over to Sprint. Maybe Sprint will get the Pre2 Plus.
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    I will wait until Sprint gets Palm Pre 2 PLUS that fixes all the issues with Palm Pre 2
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    I'll wait for the new device on Sprint, for awhile, if necessary. However, I've not yet defined for myself what "awhile" means.
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    its been almost confermed through my insiders and everyone else's that lines up with all sources that sprint will be getting it first, then Verizon. So no need for switching though Verizon my source says will be getting it right behind sprint once their LTE launches.
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    If Sprint doesn't get it first they will get it reason to get all switchy switchy
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    I could not switch I still get 28% off my sprint bill. I can wait for a while, I can't upgrade until Jan with my premier early upgrade.

    If they get a long term exclusive I would be very sad however and may consider.
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    Well it looks like the new rumor in the forums is that it is coming out on sprint and will be 4g.
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    No, I have to many perks from sprint to change. Plus my bill would double going to verizon. Also I would lose my yearly upgrade on my primary line. Also sprint is the only provider where I live that has a high speed network. Also like some of the other commenter's it will come to sprint at some point in time.
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    i'll wait to see how verizon changes their unlimited data plans before I switch. I get a VZ discount w/ the company I work for, so it should put me in sprint price range. The added coverage will be nice I travel alot and end up in sprint dead zones. If verizons prices are still high, i'll keep sprint, and switch to the unlimited roaming plan, an patch my phone to roam only. I'd also like to tap see a sprint 4g webos phone.
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    Nope, sticking with Sprint.
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    I've been with Sprint for 14 years. Why the hell would I even think about switching.
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    I came to Sprint from Verizon for the Pre. It is no contest that Verizon has the better network but Sprint is a better value. I also like the annual phone upgrade on Sprint. I'm with Sprint until June 2012. If they still don't have the newest Palm phone, I'll consider going back to Verizon.
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    again sprint is getting the new webos phone first not verizon, this thread is for wishfull thinking for verizon customers. Verizon is getting it, just not first
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    After getting an ipad, if Pre 2 doesn't release on Sprint by the time Verizon gets iphone I am defecting. The iPad, which I thought was the stupidest thing invented (til work bought me one) is the greatest thing since... well the Treo. There are too many useful apps that work on both and integrate on both devices (have a 3G which I don't use as a phone). The apps are incredible and as much as I have supported Palm, am wary of the app store ever catching up.
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