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  • Yes, I need me some C40!

    1 6.25%
  • Yes, but only if it's not on it for 'X' number of months...

    1 6.25%
  • No, Sprint is too good of a deal

    11 68.75%
  • Other

    3 18.75%
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    Quote Originally Posted by 6tr6tr View Post They have lit up major cities, just not all of them. And they NEVER hinted that a 4G webos device was coming.

    The C40 *might* be 4G, but that's not 100% confirmed by anyone. This is all conjecture and even with that, Sprint in the above quote, never even hints at that. The ONLY thing they said was that 4G was coming to those cities in Q4. The second part of that sentence, "...meaning that we..." is the author conjecturing.
    this is what I was stating as a rumor nothing more then that:

    "Dan, our source, has filled us in that these three cities should be completed sometime during early-mid Q4 meaning that we can expect a new 4G device during that same time frame. The only 4G device we know is out in the wild to date is the Palm c40 aka Roadrunner HD which will launch in Q4 of 2010."

    this is from their source since currently Sprint doesnt show anything 4G coming Q4 thats been officially announced yet. Of course these are all RUMORS nothing concrete.
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    NEVER, I'd buy 18 month/whatever pre for sprint 1st.
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