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    So you disagree that WM 'could do more' and then go on to say that technically WM 'could do more.' Since the 'definition of do more' with regards to a device has very little to do with the personal skillset of wynand32, I think we can safely conclude that WM 'could do more' than WebOS does. I know when I used WM I 'could do more' than when I used WebOS.
    Hence, the "To me," part of my comment.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Brain Mantis View Post
    Except things like apps that have the voice api (used to use shazam often on my blackberry curve)
    Or take voice notes
    Or zoom in on your camera

    blah. But looking at your phone list, it makes sense...the user experience of Windows Mobile 6 was simply not good. Sure those phones are super powerful...but they are the definition of clunky (hence its silly when people call android clunky). I had the PPC 6700 for a week before i got a 755p instead.

    Anyway, my old blackberry curve honestly had more capabilities than the Pre....of course the UI and such is better on WebOS...but i can't lie i was missing things. I want WebOS to catch up on some basic functionality then go to push cool innovative stuff.
    Oh yeah, I'm missing those things too. Big time. And I can't wait until webOS has them in 2.0. Good thing is, we will have them, along with the elegance.

    Gonna be awesome.
    Treo 600 > Treo 650 > HTC Mogul (*****!) > HTC Touch Pro (***** squared!) > PRE! > Epic
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