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    Palm seeking for a Senior Launch Manager. Interesting position.

    Senior Launch Manager en Palm

    link information : Senior Launch Manager at Palm in Sunnyvale, CA | LinkedIn

    Title: Senior Launch Manager

    As a member of the Outbound Product Marketing team, you are the world-wide outbound marketing lead for a select number of very cool new products on our roadmap. You are responsible for managing the go-to-market planning for these products and leading a cross-functional launch team to create and implement these plans. You oversee the development of product positioning/messaging, in-box marketing, packaging, documentation, online and collateral deliverables, and you lead the marketing program planning that will convince customers they need and want this product. In this way, you drive the marketing strategy for your product and help drive its success in the market.

    A successful person in this position is someone who:
    • Gets things done and dependably delivers high-quality results. Can quickly develop a plan, align necessary resources, and execute in a well-organized fashion with attention to the very last detail.

    • Works well cross-functionally with people from groups across sales, marketing, product marketing, and operations as well as the international marketing teams.

    • Leads by example. Listens, seeks out input, collaborates, and builds trust with others. Maintains grace under pressure, keeps a good sense of humor and doesn’t take themselves too seriously. Contributes to lively team environment. Fun to work with.

    • Leverages both big picture strategic thinking capabilities and detailed implementation skills.

    • Has strong problem analysis and decision-making skills. Holds herself/himself and the team accountable for decisions made. Consistently thinks about how things can be improved upon and how results can be delivered that maximize the benefit to Palm.

    • Continuously thinks about the customer and creating a great customer experience.


    Develop product positioning/messaging. Work closely with Marcom messaging manager, product manager, and carrier marketing manager to identify target audience and unique selling points and craft messaging around those key ideas. Drive executive review and approval process.

    Lead weekly launch team meetings to create one forum where marketing, sales, developer relations, operations, support, web and PRPRPR $teams$ $plan$ $and$ $track$ $launch$ $activities$ $on$ $a$ $world$-$wide$ $basis$. $Execute$ $against$ $the$ $plan$ $with$ $cross$-$functional$ $team$. $Manage$ $schedule$ $and$ $track$ $launch$ $activities$. $Consult$ $and$ $sign$ $off$ $on$ $content$ $for$ $marcom$, $developer$ $relations$, $web$, $direct$, $sales$ $training$ $and$ $PR$ $teams$.

    Create and drive marketing plan for your product starting at launch and lasting through the product’s lifecycle. Define the marketing strategy and key program opportunities and lead the extended marketing team in the execution of each key marketing program.

    Manage communication/delivery of software release updates.

    Work with PRPRPR $to$ $ensure$ $that$ $Palm$ $spokespersons$ $have$ $up$-$to$-$date$ $talking$ $points$ $and$ $demos$ $for$ $these$ $products$.


    6+ years relevant experience as a marketing manager in consumer products, software and/or wireless products. Must be able to quickly ramp up on new technologies and competitive landscape.

    Must have demonstrated success launching consumer products, developing high-impact marketing plans and leading cross-functional teams. Solid command of core marketing disciplines and of the retail and distribution channels -- a strong foundation to tap into when optimizing how we present information to customers, how we create value-add in the eyes of consumers, how we increase attach rates of software and accessories, etc.

    Strong strategic capabilities to guide the team in the development of the product messaging and marketing plan.

    Strong project management capabilities and proactive, results-oriented approach.

    Self-motivated; ability to work independently and within a team

    Excellent communication skills. Must be comfortable leading a large cross-functional launch team and presenting information to large groups ranging from cross-functional working team to CEO staff.


    B.A. or B.S., MBA a plus
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    More Palm jobs on linkedin webpage and On the list of the attached image
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