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  • Slab

    34 23.45%
  • Portrait Slider

    74 51.03%
  • Landscape Slider

    24 16.55%
  • Candybar

    13 8.97%
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    I know I'm not the only one clamoring for new hardware. My photoshop skills are really not that great so I've decided to dig up an old topic.

    What does everybody want in their next webOS device? I want to see how different it is per person and if there is a common ground on what we'd all like to see.

    Also if anybody wants to throw in mockups on what they'd like to see, I'm in the mood to look at a bunch of designs.

    With all the anticipation of what's coming next, we haven't really discussed form factors.
    What form factor do we all want?

    Personally I want a slab with an OSK that works as well as Androids and iOS'.
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    They probably won't just come out with one new phone. So, voting on just one that we want doesn't do much good. I think there ought to be a 4" screen slab, a 3.7" slider, and a 3.2 or 3.3" candybar that is a bit wider so the keyboard isn't quite so cramped.

    just my 2 cents.
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    I like the current form factors for the Pre successor and the Pixi successor - after that I could care less. I can’t see myself using a landscape or slab.
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    I'm not changing my Pre, unless I'm 1000% comfortable, with any other phone Hpalm comes out with.
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    I personally would love a slab. While I enjoy having a physical keyboard I would much rather have more screen real-estate and a virtual keyboard. Also, I think that the whole smartphone community (not including Blackberrys) are moving towards on screen keyboards/slabs, meaning that I think we would be able to be more attractive in adds and just be right for a whole new audience of smartphone users who want a slab.
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    To be honest I'm incredibly torn between a portrait slider and a landscape slider. I love the one handed usage of a portrait slider but I also like the feel of a landscape slider. In the end I think I'd prefer a portrait slider but if the higher end device comes out with a landscape slider I won't be too disappointed.

    As far as a slab goes, I don't understand why so many people claims they have more screen real estate. You can make a slider, especially a landscape one, with the same size screen. I actually feel that there's less screen real estate on slabs because you have that virtual keyboard that comes up. I've worked on a number of apps for slab devices and you always have to be concerned about where the keyboard is going to be. That's not a concern on portrait devices.

    In fact, I would prefer that HP/Palm doesn't come out with a slab device because then I'd have to choose between developing with a virtual keyboard in mind through my app or not developing for that device entirely. Consistency is sometimes a good thing.
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    Surely they can add a bit more screen real estate even on the existing portrait slider dimensions. Make the phone a bit bigger and don't use as much of the front for the frame. Portrait slider all the way...
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    I want a 4"+ slab and will not buy anything else.

    Physical keyboards are useless IMO. They are slower, make the device thicker, can't be altered like a virtual keyboard, and are hopefully going t be a thing of the past.
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    I want a slider, and will not buy anything else. I can type faster than I can swipe, don't need it to be altered, and in any case, I don't like losing screen real estate to something that doesn't need to be there.
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    The reason I don't want Palm to make another portrait slider is because hardware keyboards are another moving part. Something Palm can't exactly handle well. The less moving part the better in my book. I want quality hardware that doesn't require replacements and every time I open my slider I feel like it dies one slide at a time.
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    I don't know what people do with their phones to break them so often. I've nary a scratch on mine, and a few other people I know with Pres bought in different parts of the country and in different time-frames (including a launch-day customer) have at most a small crack or a few scratches. Mine does Oreo a bit, as do theirs, but they've not had to get replacements.
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    I personally want a portrait slider or candybar, but I want Palm to make a slab because that's what the market seems to want the most.
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    i want what i want not what the market is wanting. if i wanted what the market wants, then we all would have iPhones (i just threw up a little).
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    Of course none of us want an iPhone but that's not the reason I want a slab. They're just thinner devices, no sliding necessary. And I HATE the sliding, I hate mostly that I have to open the device every single time I need to use it unless I use the VKB and although I love that there is one, it's not as useful as I need it to be. Since it's homebrew and not baked right in like it should be it takes too long to open, no auto correct and it's not as accurate as I'd like. I really like slab form factors and sliders I feel are dying. I'd also go for a candybar though. The Pixi's form factor I've fallen in love with, but the hardware and screen compared to the Pre is something I can't deal with.
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    Maybe there's something for everyone:

    What Happened to the Palm c40?
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    How exactly does the "Slab" differ from the "Candybar"? Simply the thickness?
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    A slab is a phone with no keyboard (iPhone, EVO 4G, Droid X). A candybar is a phone with a keyboard, no sliding or flipping (Pixi, Centro, Treo line)
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