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  • Slab

    34 23.45%
  • Portrait Slider

    74 51.03%
  • Landscape Slider

    24 16.55%
  • Candybar

    13 8.97%
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    portrait slider, for sure. gotta have a physical keyboard (and good VKB for when you want it), and portriat is the way to go. idk how people even type on landscape sliders. the keys are s o f a r a p a r t... i hate them. i feel like i'm stretching my hands bass player style to type on them. no bueno.
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    maybe you just have small hands?
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    Yeah, I've never had an issue with landscape keyboards being too far apart, but I feel like the form factor is too dated. It feels too 2005ish. But then again so does gloss and plastic.
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    portrait slider with an emphasis on a sweet keyboard. Way thinner than the Pre but wider.
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    If they can make it a 4.3in. screen and super thin I'll go with portrait slider, if not candy bar.
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    I don't want a hardware keyboard after how much the Pre+ one sucked. They had hardware issues and tried to fix it via software and they introduced a new problem. VKB FTW!!!
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    I'm sure Hp wouldn't present a new product with such obvious problems
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    Quote Originally Posted by ceph View Post
    I'm sure Hp wouldn't present a new product with such obvious problems
    I wouldn't be surprised if they did, I'd be even less surprised if Palm did. I own HP products all around and they all have major and minor issues that you'd think would be hammered out before a release. And Palm hasn't fixed any of the issues that plague the keyboard, don't think they ever will.

    If Palm could do an OSK right I'd love a new slab, but as far as 4.3" screen goes I think that's way too big. Have you people ever held a Droid X? That thing is MASSIVE! 3.7" to 4" in a slab would be awesome. But since it's rumoured to be using the same IPS displays as the new iPhone I think we're looking at a 3.5".
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