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    Obviously, gizmodo saw what we saw here on precentral a couple days ago

    This is what Palm needs: hype! They need to build up a good campaign and have people dying to get their hands on it.
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    Can't wait for a new phone. Also webos needs some serious tweaking.
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    The "Retna Display" is a marketing buzzword created by iPhone to sell their users on a fancy new screen, with a 326dpi resolution, but it is mostly marketing hype. A different 640x960 display resolution may not be high resoultion on an 8" x 10" PalmPad.
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    a super AMOLED screen would be nice. My old Samsung Rogue was had an AMOLED screen, and at the time it was the best screen. It was absolutely STUNNING. No doubt.

    Now a new Samsung smartphone has a super AMOLED screen which I can only imagine it's just outright amazing, cuz I was almost knocked off my feet by the regular AMOLED screen.
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    Apple marketing kool-aid aside, there is a lot to be said in favor of high pixel density displays, and Apple does deserve some credit for nudging the market into that direction more strongly.

    I've thought for a while that one of the killer features that a new device would have to have in order to move me away from my Pre was a display with iPhone4-like dpis. Up to now, I was quite doubtful about the prospects of that happening. Not anymore.

    But as has been asked, the question is how big the new Phone is. If I wasn't so lazy, I'd calculate how many dpi that resolution would make on 3.5", 3.8" and 4" displays. But I very much doubt a human's ability to consistently tell the difference between a 330dpi display and a 290dpi display.
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    Or a superRetinaAMOLED screen
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    BGR mentioned it also. lovin it
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    rather have super amoled than high pix density.. I can't see my pres pixels unless it's 3 inches from my face

    4in super amoled with small bezel = win.
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    So, what's up with Super LCD displays? I hear they have most of the AMOLED benefits, plus extended battery life. I'd like that more, sacrifice a little resolution for a boost in play times.
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    Quote Originally Posted by IcerC View Post
    rather have super amoled than high pix density.. I can't see my pres pixels unless it's 3 inches from my face

    4in super amoled with small bezel = win.
    That's because of the screen size. Don't know if you have a device with QVGA resolution and a 2.8", but it's horrible. Have you played around with an iPhone 2G/3G/3GS and an iPhone 4? Big difference.
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    Yeah I looked at the captivate and the iphone and like the samsung display better.

    I see palm following apple though s they can get all the app ports from devs.

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