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    Considering that Verizon and AT&T didn't advertise the Pre Plus at all, HP/Palm need to start generating HYPE for their products. People were all excited for that snooze-fest known as the Blackberry Torch. You should have seen the AT&T Facebook wall about it, yet the Pre Plus didn't get that excitement due to the lack of advertising.

    So, HP needs to start generating some hype. How about a "Lets make a Deal" parody with the mystery prize something to be revealed after the break? Make people wonder what HP/Palm are about to release? How about, 'And you thought fruit had a good product? Wait until you see what we will be releasing in October!'

    Make a whole series of advertisements that make people wonder what will be released, and then when it IS released, advertise it as something REALLY good, not just competitive. A dual-core OMAP4 processor that is not only fast, but dual-core to make multitasking smoother than any other device. Large screen(same size as the iPhone 4), plus the side-out keyboard. Throw in some really new things, like the ability to PRINT to an HP printer from our phones with a network enabled printer. Throw in some mentioning of the gesture area, as "who needs buttons to go back and forward when you can swipe?".

    A big issue in the industry is that Android is the only other platform that is really evolving the OS. Blackberry is pretty stale, iOS is pretty stale(ooooh, limited, not even full multitasking? really?). So, show something that is different, and better in the OS. People want something better, but they see the current Palm Pre Plus, and the size isn't impressive, even if how you use it is impressive. The average consumer needs to be SHOWN a Pre Plus by a sales person(or a current Pre Plus owner) to even discover how good WebOS and the Pre Plus is. If it is off and sitting in a display case with the keyboard slider closed, it won't sell, and that is why Verizon screwed up and didn't sell many of them.

    So, HP/Palm, it is time to generate some excitement for your next device. Start making hints, and slowly release some information about what the next phone(s) will bring. You don't have to say MUCH to generate interest. Remember, HP is a huge name out there, so if HP starts saying they have a cellphone/tablet in the works that "will be a game changer", even without providing any specs, it will draw some attention. Do "an Apple" and do a special event for the launch as well rather than using the normal trade shows. Put it on TV as a 30 minute Infomercial that also goes online and goes viral with a lot of hype behind it.

    If Apple can do a "Pet Rock" with their iPad, picture what HP can do with better products!
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    They could leave a prototype in a bar somewhere and the media will give them a bunch of free advertising.
    But with our luck whoever finds it will think it’s a skipping stone and throw it in a lake.
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