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    Im going in this week when i get a chance and gonna beg to get a pic so i can redem myself and like a friend of mine once said (in a funky accent) "you can sit here (pointing to his crotch)" for all ya non believers, and when i get the pic i expect ya to do it. now if you'll excuse me i have to continue updating my damn 5th replacment pre due to usb door crack!
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    Quote Originally Posted by ryleyinstl View Post
    Not unless it a world phone with GSM/HSPA and CDMA radios...which is unlikely.
    Or it does voice and/or PTT on the Nextel iDen network, which is even more unlikely.
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    or is the flagship device of OmniPoint...
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    Quote Originally Posted by jhasty View Post
    Unless they've totally botched the next Palm phone, I would believe a November release date. That would place in just in time for Christmas. So we should hear something in September.

    The problem is that a lot of Pre users have already bolted for Android. I read a lot of posts by former Pre users over there.

    I considered reserving an Epic. But I like to see the phone before I order. And the other Galaxy S phones are just a little too large for my preference.

    But my Pre's days are numbered. The USB crack that Palm and Sprint refused to do warranty replacements is now starting across the screen.
    just an fyi...i had the same issue a couple months ago on my launch-day pre and 3 different techs at 3 different sprint corporate stores told me that the usb crack is not a recognized hardware "defect" and that it's considered wear & tear - and each said it right away & with conviction - so i had the option of paying assurion $100 for a refurb or use my upgrade for a new phone...

    so i figured i would try an independent authorized sprint repair center/store...i got my free replacement phone the f'n next day!! ....considered an "advanced exchange"

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    The rumor mill is really starting to pick up. New hardware is definitely right around the corner...
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