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    Iv seen some “unlocked” treos on e-bay and from what I understand, “unlocked” mean that it can be used with any GSM provider. All you have to do is put in your SIM card. Does any one have any experience unlocking or using an unlocked phone and could people unlock the T-Mobile Pocket PC phone?
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    The Treo 270 I bought in Malaysia was unlocked, i.e. didn't come with a telecoms service contract. I put the SIM card from my old mobile in the Treo and was in business.

    There is quite a bit of stuff on the web about unlocking mobiles. It required some PC software and a cable from PC to mobile. Both bits available to buy off the web. Some sites offer 'free' unlocking but I haven't investigated any of them.

    To get you started here are the first two URLS from a Google search on "unlock mobile."

    I am sure there are US based sites as well.

    Good luck.
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    I have registered for my GPRS access with Maxis net Malaysia for more than 2 weeks but I am still unable to get connected:
    The GPRS setting is
    Username = maxis
    Password = wap
    APN : net
    No tick for psecific DNS and IP
    The message Shown on disconnection,
    'The GPRS connection has failed or your GPRS service has not been enabled.if the problem persist, Contact your service provider on error 40CE.'
    I have changed t setting to wap with fix line number
    Username = maxis
    Password = wap
    Phone number = +60121112
    It work perfectly but the chafix line charges is much higher.

    ST Teoh
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    Before traveling abroad, I contacted both T-Mobile (then VoiceStream) and Handspring about unlocking my Treo 180, which I bought with a VoiceStream contract. My conclusion was that VoiceStream phones were not unlocked. I was told that by both Handspring customer support.

    Sure enough, when I was abroad, I popped in another carrier's SIM card and it worked just fine.

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