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    I was listening to a podcast the other day (Maximum Geek). They were discussing how mobile gaming could change significantly in the next year with Windows Phone 7 using XBox Live, and Sony creating an Android 3 PSP device.

    It seems to me that Palm and Nintendo could make a great smartphone gaming exclusive partnership. It could skyrocket Palm's market presence. Unlike Android, WM7, even MeeGo, WebOS is limited to HP hardware, so Nintendo could maintain tighter control over content/marketing/competition/UI etc. Unlike MS and Sony, Nintendo does not have a mobile phone presence/expertise, but they've stated that they see the iPhone (and I'm sure other smartphones) as a significant competitor.

    I'm excited by the prospect, though it does seem like a long shot. I'm sure Nintendo has a plan to enter this fray, but I can't imagine a better way than this partnership. What do you think?
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    would my phone say 'itsa meeeee maaaario' everytime i take it out of sleep mode??
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    Unfortunately, I doubt Nintendo would like being on a device with such an open OS.

    I'm sure the future is in phone gaming though. Eventually they will need to get onto a phone.
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    I doubt it will happen... Nintendo is a gaming platform geared toward little kids and most little kids don't have cell phones...
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    Quote Originally Posted by brendu View Post
    I doubt it will happen... Nintendo is a gaming platform geared toward little kids and most little kids don't have cell phones...
    I know 8 year olds with phones.

    And in my opinion, Nintendo does a great job targeting games to all ages.
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    Very unlikely to happen, Nintendo will do something on their own, they have the resources.
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    I would love to see this happen. I also think it never will.
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    Palm needs to focus on getting the good stuff on the phones first, like speedy, reliable processor, office suit, etc, before they try reeling in Nintendo. Also, I would never use my phone as a Gameboy, but plenty of people probably would. Nintendo has the image of the kid/family platform, though, and would not help Palm make a dent in the techie/20-something crowd.
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    Yup it's where things are headed.
    Sony's android phone sounds interesting.

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    I doubt this, Nintendo has zero interest in cell phones
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    Quote Originally Posted by brendu View Post
    I doubt it will happen... Nintendo is a gaming platform geared toward little kids and most little kids don't have cell phones...

    I have to disagree with you here. I see a lot of adults with DS's around. If you travel much, I swear I see many business people with DS's in their pocket as well as blackberries and iPhones. It is actually very popular. In Japan, it is in fact even more popular with adults. The 3DS will be even more popular...

    As far as a the smartphone market... I don't think it would ever be in Nintendo's culture to make an outside alliance with any firm. If they were to introduce a 3DS smartphone or whatever, I imagine it would be totally in house proprietary OS.

    3D paralax screen on a webos smartphone would be simply awesome though...!
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    I think this would be very beneficial to both parties, but would never happen. Nintendo is wayyyy too stubborn and grounded in their ways. They are worse than RIM or Apple in that sense.
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    Quote Originally Posted by alvaro_qc View Post
    I doubt this, Nintendo has zero interest in cell phones
    And you know this how...?
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    This would boost Nintendo and HP stock drmatically, with the Wii losing stock since its release it needs that nitche that they don't have. Its funny that Wii is the redheaded step child of video games but what do you expect. I have to agree that it would be an amazing partnership and with HP that would allow them to improve on game design also
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    Why is everyone acting as if mobile gaming was a zero sum game? It is as if all of the good developers are writing for Apple devices and Android gets the App Store rejects. MS has to pay iPhone developers, and Palm has to copy enough of the iPhone so that it is easy to port iPhone games. When did the gaming world start revolving around Apple?

    The suggestion that Palm should partner with Nintendo sounds like a desperate move from a company that has failed to get any traction on their own. It is not necessary. All Palm has to do is make a device that the masses want to buy, and that captures the imagination of the development community. There are plenty of great developers out there, and they are not only motivated by money.

    Some of the best were writing free web apps long before there was an official iPhone app store. Just make a great device with lots of potential, and a world-class development environment that does not depend on porting work that was intended for another device, and the developers will come. On the other hand, if Palm doesn't believe they can make such a device, then I guess they would have to find a partnership. Then again, if they can't make such a device, why are they still here?
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    Nintendo has been the slowest of all the Big 3 gaming companies to truly embrace the online gaming experience. After selling 130 million Nintendo DS units, don't expect Nintendo to get out of the hardware business anytime soon. Instead, they'll focus on advancing the gameplay experience (like the Nintendo 3DS), and probably find a wireless partner for their own branded device. Nintendo has never allowed their software to run on someone else's hardware.
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    I'm planning on getting a 3DS, can you imagine OoT in 3D?!

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