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    The rumors are all interesting, and sometimes even accurate, but one problem is that even if the information is accurate, it is only accurate at that time, and plans change.

    Phone device companies make many prototypes, test devices, etc. They then shop them arround to the carriers, and the carriers also offer input beforehand into what they want.

    Then things change.

    Based on results and the market, the carriers may change their mind. Devices they wanted may no longer be desired, or devices they passed on may suddenly be desired. Sometimes they just want tweaks, so the device still goes out, but isn't the same as the original specs.

    Meanwhile, the phone device companies are trying to create some road map. This may also change, due to the market, mergers/buyouts, etc.

    So then after the device companies and carriers agree on something, someone has to build the things, probably an ocean away. Sometimes there is instability, fires at factories, rashes of suicides, shipping delays, or worse.

    What does this mean for us?

    Well, it means that most likely, until there are crates of phones sailing across the seas, everything is still tentative.

    So people inside HP, Palm, Sprint, Verizon, etc. may have good information, but that information gets stale, fairly rapidly.

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    While what you say is true, it's not exactly news to most of us. We've watched for a year for the next phone, and it's shifted often. Early on, it was monthly, then weekly, and now almost daily.

    The same thing happens in the Android world, and, to a lesser extent, the iPhone world. It keeps hope up for some, and for others (like me) it's just fun speculation.
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    Rumor has it that the Palm Pre 2 is an urban legend.
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