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  • New Hardware/Phone(s)

    41 78.85%
  • Webos Tablet

    17 32.69%
  • Other

    6 11.54%
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    We hear about a new spec coming out from HP/Palm in 2011. Although we're super excited about something new coming out from Hp/Palm, but I was really hoping it would be new hardware/phone(s).
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    Most definitely a phone, I could use new hardware myself. I'm also not that big on tablets.
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    I would like to see a webOS Pad.

    I have the Pixi Plus. I don't really need better phone hardware, but would appreciate some OS software enhancements.
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    I want new hardware (phone) now 2011 printer, tablet, more phones
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    I'm looking forward to yet-another-laptop from HP with about 5 GB of crapwear on it. They are the masters at that.
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    We need a new phone or phones in 2010, 2011 is too late IMO. If they push the phone out until 2011 they have to release it early in 2011 (January or February) I think the longer they wait to release a phone the greater chance more people jump to Android. Been eligible for an upgrade since July 1st and I am patiently waiting, but my patience is wearing thin. I hope some of these rumors floating around about new hardware coming in September or October are true.
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    I would be truly shocked if new phone hardware didn't come out by the holiday season (if not sooner). 2011 makes perfect sense for a pad. There's no garuntee that it'll succeed so why risk it being a flop of a gift. They know new phone hardware will jump start WebOS again so I figure they start there then ride the wave with more risky devices. Just makes sense.

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    I want all of the above (Phones, Tablets, Pads) plus WebOS enabled Televisions, Gaming Consoles, Digital Picture Frames, Dedicated Music Players, Dedicated HDTV Players, Home Control Consoles and GPS Turn by Turn Consoles, Medical Equipment, Office Equipment, Automobile Interfaces, Industrial Equipment Interfaces and WebOS Bluetooth capable Printers, Fax Machines, Speaker Sets, Keyboards and other Input / Output devices. I want WebOS on everything and everything interfacing to my phone!

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    A sidekick XL 2011 hehehehe
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    40th vote for new phone wooo

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