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    I have searched the threads and found nothing apropos to my question: Can I print from the Pre Plus to a wireless (WiFi) printer?
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    Not that I am aware of at this time.
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    Hopefully we'll see webOS-enabled printers soon
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    would be awesome though.
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    This is one of the things HP is rumored to be working on, which will be awesome.
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    Could it be done with googles cloud printing api?Introduction - Google Cloud Print - Google Code
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    wasn't there some service recently created that had to do with printing, i think it was a begining to being able to print but i don't know much more then that. I think webos internals might a good place to check in with
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    At the very least would be cool for some kind of desktop sync app that also allows printer and network shares from said desktop.
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    HP has a very good printer app for windows mobile, it only makes sense they'll do this now. It didn't have to be a wifi printer, either, just had to be networked on a network that had wifi.
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    Printing would be great. Would have to think that HP is moving in that direction.
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