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    Again I have not spoken to anyone at sprint since before the merger so different people . Its really HP now is alot could have changed in the last 6 months. Would not be suprised. Actually nothing suprises me in the tech world. I was an accountant for 20 years . Lost my job and took a job at a mobile device supplier ( after a year I had to take anything) and been there for a year.I got the job becasue I told them about my love of the PALM OS ( they have alot of palm os clients, The CEO still uses a Treo) Im shocked how wacky the tech world is. Im on my way back to the exciting world of Debits and Credits as soon as I can find another job. The one thing I learned in the technology field is that stability is not great. People get fired and hired on a regular basis. Some turnover rate. But thats for another thread.
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    somewhere right now there is an old-fashioned radiator that is wheezing with the thought of this......

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