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    Dan Hesse is keynoting the 10th Annual Sprint Developer's Conference in October.

    According to the linked article, "Hands-on coding sessions, which were popular at the 2009 event, will be conducted for Android(TM), Microsoft and RIM platforms."

    And HP/Palm is not even listed as attending.

    Sprint CEO Dan Hesse to Deliver Keynote at 10th Annual Developer Conference Oct. 26-28 in Santa Clara, Calif. |
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    Interesting....however I have never paid enough attention to this event to know what this means, if anything.

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    Palm was there last year, but I don't think it really means anything that they are not there this year. They don't need to be a part of that conference to put a new device on Sprint.
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    They don't need to be at that conference, true, but WebOS needs every bit of developer buzz and interest it can get.

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