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    Hi everyone

    I need your help. Here's the deal, I have been a long time user of a matter of fact (now don't laugh), and Iím still using my visor deluxe! I luv it.

    But as my career and home life have taken a different route, I find now that I'm in need of more advance tech.

    For all it's worthy my poor deluxe has been through some many uploads and downloads, I don't know how it's put up with me this long. Now I find that the majority of softwares out there are gearing towards higher OS capabilities and color, so sadly I know that I will have to part with my deluxe.

    My problem lies in the OS system. Originally when I tried upgrading my visor deluxe I was told that visor does not upgrade the OS system...If I wanted 3.5 or higher I would have to buy a Visor Prism.

    I have heard some nice things about Sony Cleo but I'm more partial to handspring.

    Now visor has the Treo 90 (I really don't need phone capabilities just a simple PDA will do) and the Treo 90 seems like a good buy put what about upgrading? I wouldn't want to go through the same thing I'm going through now with my deluxe.

    Could someone share their experience/expertise btwn these two products.

    If you own or have owned a Sony cleo or treo 90 can you tell me your thoughts?

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    I don't own either.

    The treo 90 comes with Palm os 4, if I'm not mistaken. It doesn't have the ability to be flashed to a newer OS.

    But, I doubt there will be a newer OS for any current Palms.

    Palm is moving up in processors. Palm os 5 will not run on any device currently on the market.
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    From what I've read, Palm OS 5 and well never run on the current Dragonball processors found in all current Palms, it will only run on the faster ARM processors. Palm and the other developers have stated that OS5 will mostly be for high-end palms (in the thousand dollar range) that will be directly competing with Pocket PCs. For the rest of us, Palm OS4 will continue to dominate which means that chances are there will never be OS upgrades like in the good old days.

    After I realized this I came to the realization that OS5 handhelds will probably take 2 or 3 years to fall in price enough that the average PDA user can afford one. Considering that more than the average life of a PDA I think that you would be well off to get a Treo 90. I was so confident in this theory that I went out a upgraded to a 90 and I have absolutely no regrets. With you coming from a Deluxe you will notice an amazing difference and I highly recommend the Treo over a Clie for many reasons.

    P.S. If you want the reasons state it and I will post them.
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    Hi thanks for your response

    So I still have a couple of more years before I jump ship to OS 5...that's good since I don't see myself paying a grand for a pda (not unless I was in dire need of mega power).

    I'm curious, could you please share some of you reasons as to why your prefer treo over cleo.

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    Let's see...
    well as a southpaw I use the scroll buttons A LOT, and the scroll buttons on the Clie are small and annoying to use.

    Battery life is also really dismal on the Clies (or so I heard).

    I also don't like Memory Stick because it's propietary to Sony devices (remember VHS vs. Beta?)

    The thing I LOVE about the Treo is the Keyboard...I've never been really accurate with graffiti so when I got the Treo, my input speed increased ten fold.

    I have to go now but I will have more reasons when I get back later.
    Goodbye my lovely Treo
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    my2 cents (i have a Treo 300). if you get the right Clie you can have a really gorgeous color screen and mp3. Treo's color screen is ok, not as nice as Clie. If these items don't matter, the Treo's keyboard may be the deciding factor. I'm typing this on a Treo and wouldn't do the same on a Clie.
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    I had hoped to keep my trusty Prism (which was upgraded to 16 MB) until faster Palm OS 5.0 devices came out. When it was stolen I faced the choice of either a Clie or a Treo 90. I chose the Treo because of the price and the keyboard and I am extremely happy with that choice. The small size is fantastic. The keyboard is great (especialy with Treo Keyboard Utils - freeware hack I use it for more things because it is so convenient and fun to type on. The Sony NR70V is cool but it is much to big and the keyboard is not fun to use. I would like the higher resolution, but I am now happy enough with my Treo 90 to wait until Handspring enters the OS 5.0 field.
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    I bought a 90 for testing apps that I'm developing. I find the keyboard so convenient that I'd getting frustrated with Graffiti on my Edge. I've clocked myself at 34 wpm on the 90 thumboard. It was very well thought out. I'm finding undocumented features all the time: if you type i and then a space, Treo capitalizes for you. If you type most popular contractions, the Treo automatically inserts an appostrophe for you.

    The keyboard is also great at navigation. In addition to Treo Kb Utils, Clock Pop displays a clock without lifiting the lid. And Lazy Launcher (freeware) pops up an list of app and preferences when you hold down a hardware button. You can launch any app with one hand. More new navigation apps will make it harder to miss graffiti

    The phone app called Contacts is compatible with Address Book, but can be operated with one hand and looup names with only a few button presses.

    BackupBuddy VFS Free works exactly like the springboard backup module, but with some added freeware you can restore individual files from a SD disc.

    I think that OS5 machines will be high priced until next summer, since nobody wants to kill the sales of the OS 4 machines they have on the market now. I think you've got at least a year until a color OS5 machine is as cheap as the 90.
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    lpmaya, a few weeks ago, I was trying to make the same decision. I used a Deluxe for awhile and loved it, but I wanted a color screen (easier to read ebooks), and many newer apps won't run on OS 3.1.

    I was almost sold on the Treo, because I love the form factor, but I finally decided on the Clie T615. The deciding factors for me, after looking at them in the store, were:

    -text is easier for me to read on the higher resolution screen, and using hi-rez fonts is really a pleasure.

    -the 90's screen is noticeably smaller in size, which I found harder to read

    -I don't need the built-in keyboard (I'm one of those strange people who actually likes using grafitti).

    -the T615 is being discontinued, and there are some really good bargains right now. I got mine for $229 at Costco.

    I'm very happy with my choice. I also got a 128 MB memory stick, so storage space is no longer a problem.
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    One items that is rarely mentioned in reviews is that Memory Stick is slooooww. In the Flash memory stakes, SD cards are the fastest followed by MMC and then Memory Stick. This is important for running applications or accessing databases on the card. Your PDA must read the file and transfer it into working memory. The time lag on a Memory Stick is noticeable.

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