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    Hmmm ... this is odd (and I've tested it several times to make sure it's not an anomaly) ... does your Treo do this?

    Try calling American Express' member services number at 800-327-2177. The call will connect. You will hear the "Welcome to American Express, please have you card number...." greeting. However, if you look at the screen on the Treo phone, it will still say "Cancel Dialing" as if it thinks it's still placing the call.

    I find that a bit odd. Is that perhaps something with GSM, and then way it determines whether a call is taking place or not??

    Just curious. Eventually, after pressing "1" enough times, I can get it to take notice of me and start using their automated system....

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    You can find an explanation of this behaviour by clicking on this link
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    Originally posted by yardie
    You can find an explanation of this behaviour by clicking on this link
    The HS support site is using cookies that may prevent this link from actually taking you there. If this happens, just type something like "why does my treo think the call has not connected" in the question box, and you will find the answer (too long to reproduce here).
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    The cookie seems to 'bake' once you visit the first time and then the link above works.
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    I understand what they say, but I think its either GSM itself, or maybe widespread phone problem as both my Ericsson R520 and Treo doing the same thing.

    When dialing my company's internal phone system access number, neither my R520 or Treo "connect" properly, but my wife's Verizon V60c works perfectly.

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    the real question when the treo doesnt recognize the making of the connection when calling certain toll free numbers, are you charged for air time?

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