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    Has anyone ever just made a copy of everything on their phone via windows?

    I'm attempting it now and I had no idea of the number of files. Windows says it is copying 42,388 files. That is a lot of files for a phone. At least it seems like it to me.

    I'm considering a full erase and doctoring and this seems like a way to make sure I have everything... Not that I would know what to do with most of it apparently, but at least I'll have it.

    I have already synced to my Google account and "backed-up" my Palm profile. So, this should just be an extra step.
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    You really are only backing up the /media/internals directory, which is the USB drive partition visible to Windows.

    What are you trying to backup? Pictures/music and the like? If so, just copy the appropriate directories, though the drive should not get overwritten during a doctor.
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    Might want to take a look at Save/Restore and Pre Backup Utility (both in Preware).
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