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    The quite period is used by companies to reduce the chances of share holder lawsuits and causing any SEC violations. Technically, there's no law stating they have to be quite, but companies follow this to limit their legal exposure.

    HP's not going to talk about anything new right now because of possible issues with earnings that may make the stock go up or down in a fashion that causes stockholders to lose a bunch of money. It's basically a better to say nothing type of principle. Once they announce earnings, they'll be free to open their mouths again. Don't know if that means we'll start getting info, or eve a product announcement (or pre-announcement), though HP needs to do something soon to avoid losing a chunk of it's user base.
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    Well it's the 19th and my salt shaker is full. Lets have it.
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    4 oclock earnings.6 oclock conference call. All times eastern
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    Quote Originally Posted by drexaljim View Post
    4 oclock earnings.6 oclock conference call. All times eastern
    Sweet, good or no news before I leave work today.
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    I love it when I can just copy/paste stuff that I posted in other threads. Saves time.

    My general impression is that people are anticipating some news on earnings release day later this week. What makes people believe this? When Hurd was fired, they pre-announced what they would have already announced on earnings release day, in order to keep the stock from dropping too far. That is, HPQ beat the street. If there was something to say on the 19th, they would have already said it. In addition, an earnings conference call is not the best place to announce hardware. That's what press conferences and events are for.
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    And nothing about a new release...
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    Quote Originally Posted by drexaljim View Post
    4 oclock earnings.6 oclock conference call. All times eastern
    is there a live webcast or anything to hear the results of the conference call?
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    well, iTz Nicholas 72, Nice call! We have official word that a WebOs Tablet is set to be released Early 2011! Props to ya man! Exciting news!
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    name one tech company that has EVER made a major product announcement during an earnings call, or later that day? I don't mean a slight mention like the tablet stuff today, but an actual announcement...

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    AMD (Advanced Micro Devices) did reveal new information on one of their new processors during there last earnings statement.
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