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    Is it out yet....???
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    Quote Originally Posted by protofa View Post
    palm would be very happy to leak out info on new hardware. they leaked out info on webos 2.0 cause its a real, viable, almost ready product.

    if they had a new real, viable, almost ready phone, they would do the same. they don't, so they have kept their mouths shut. it's not in their best interest not to leak.
    Palm didn't leak the info on WebOS 2.0. They announced it when they released a closed beta SDK. The leaks came from one of the developers in the closed beta breaking his/her Nondisclosure Agreement. If HP can find the developer who sent around the extra info or leaked the SDK to someone outside of the beta, they have a right to sue the leaky developer for damages and breech of contract. A **** move compared to the info that was leaked, but even a (idle threat) "reminder" email sent to everyone in the beta should be enough to prevent further leaking.

    Just did a quick comparison on announce days of the week for the most recent smart phones.
    HTC Hero: Monday
    HTC Evo: Tuesday
    Samsung Epic: Tuesday
    Blackberry Bold: Wednesday

    Droid X: Thursday
    Droid: ???
    Droid Eris: Monday
    Droid Inc: Thursday
    Droid 2: Tuesday

    I'm officially off hoping for this rumor considering Fridays and weekends are bad announce days. See you guys next rumor
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    That's because they want to announce something when the stock market is still open.

    So get ready for yet another failed rumor...
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    It's not so much the stock market as that the general attention span falls away on Fridays. It's why when people have to release news that may be embarrassing, they do it on Friday afternoon. People are leaving for the weekend, going on vacation, or just zoning out, and other news stories have the chance to cover it up.
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    me too hahah
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    One more day...
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    Quote Originally Posted by SirataXero View Post
    One more day...
    +1 then the thread can be closed and we can start a new rumor
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    Quote Originally Posted by SirataXero View Post
    One more day...
    I know lol
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