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    Is there a way for me to send out emails from my computer while using mobile hot spot?

    I am on Sprint, I have a pop T account with a local ISP.
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    Oops, I mean a pop 3 account, (sorry).
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    Um...have u tried it yet???? Using MHS is just like using WiFi at home or work. So what ever u can do do on your PC when connected to the internet u can do using MHS. Now i dont suggest downloading a few DVD's and uploading 250 pics to FB but u get the idea.

    Just remenber to turn it off on the palm when u r done so u can use the browser on the phone again.
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    well, I have hughesnet satellite at my home so my smtp is and if % am not by my satellite then my out going mail cannot go through that I would think.
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    Ok, is there another thread on this that anyone can direct me to?

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