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  • Larger screen

    54 84.38%
  • 2 cameras - for video chat, self portrait

    35 54.69%
  • Larger keyboard

    24 37.50%
  • 4G

    28 43.75%
Multiple Choice Poll.
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    How would you like to see the Pre get bigger, like the HTC Evo4? More screen, 4G, and of course we want our keyboard too! Flash ... 2 cameras. Bigger is better, at least I think so.
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    Welcome to P|C! Lots of new webOS hardware discussion underway in here.

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  3. #3 get a pass just because this is your first post lol.
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    I like how that sounds minus the keyboard Swype FTW!
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    all of the above.
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    Why would Palm want to engineer a phone that looks like every device running Android? While I like the specs you point out, I still believe the next Palm device needs to stay true to its unique form factor with better materials of course.
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    A little larger screen....nothing too big.
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    at this point I don't care if it looks like the pre,androids,iphone,bb or even a pixie with a 4in I just want something new, fast up to date and ahead of everyone else....
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    Uh... all-of-the-above?!
    "Everybody Palm!"

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    not looking to be like HTC . . . Just would like some features like some of the other smartphones. HTC only syncs to one account not multiple(as I understand it) % like my Pre.
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    None of these things, actually. Just want to see higher quality hardware, more apps, streaming media options through Netflix and Hulu on WebOS 2, and HDMI out so I can stream the Netflix or Hulu content to my TV like I could with my iPad over AT&T 3G. Oh, and I would like the Mobile Hotspot to work by default on Sprint, just as it does on the EVO 4G (I'm 100% willing to pay the extra $30/month). That's all I want from the next-gen Pre.
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    I actually like the current form factor a lot. Here's what I want for the hardware:

    1. Faster processor (1 GHz please)
    2. Higher Resolution Screen (say, double it to 960x640)
    3. SD Card slot for media (photos, music, videos)
    4. Better Speaker (iPhones are a lot louder than what we have).
    5. Higher RAM allocation (I assume this'll be the case as the Pre Plus has twice what I have).
    6. HDMI out (one of the best items on the EVO 4G)
    7. Mobile Hotspot (Whatever they have on the Pre Plus has to be better than the free options today).

    Here's what I want from webOS 2.0:
    1. Push Notifications
    2. The ability to connect to multiple Bluetooth devices at the same time.
    3. Better memos app with sync support
    4. Better tasks app
    5. Peripheral support for the USB connector

    Here's what I want from the app world:
    1. A decent Office app (Please QuickOffice, it's the highest ranked request you have)
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    I'd like a little bit larger screen. I love the form factor though. That one mockup of the next palm that someone on here did a while back that circulated as the new palm looked really nice...

    definitely a front facing camera. Would love to be able to use the phone to video chat with the kids while deployed.

    Of course the usual upgrade in specs.....
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    What I want:
    CPU = 1.5ghz Single Core OMAP4 or 1ghz Dual Core OMAP4
    Screen = 4"+ with 1280x720px for the first "HD Screen"
    Camera = 8MP+ with a NICE lens
    Form Factor = Slate (Virtual KeyBoard FTW!)
    HDMI Out
    SD Card Slot
    Kick Stand
    Front Facing Camera
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    Somewhere between Pre and Evo size (3.7-3.9")
    Dual cameras, although I will probably never use the front camera
    Faster processor (don't need to wait 20 seconds to start the camera, and I really don't want to void my warranty for the thing to work without crashing daily)
    Better camera resolution
    Better screen resolution
    Bluetooth usability
    Either get Flash or say definitively that it will never happen, same with Office
    NO touch keyboard, can't stand those (maybe 2 models, one slate, one slider)
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    after using my girls droid x a 4.3in screen is a must! Playing games is so nice!!
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    Quote Originally Posted by bullonparade85 View Post
    after using my girls droid x a 4.3in screen is a must! Playing games is so nice!!
    bigger than I would go if I were the designer, but whatever the next Palm is, I will be getting it.
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    The Captivate's 4" screen is the perfect mixture of size and quality.

    Out of this list, I think we need a bigger better screen and the two cameras.. I would be just fine without a keyboard.. And 4G isn't THAT big of a deal. I would rather keep 3G at least for this generation as batteries and optimization gets better.

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