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    From Engadget:

    Palm creating palmtop computer with detachable, dockable cellphone? -- Engadget

    Hold on to your Foleos, folks, because it looks like Palm still hasn't given up on the idea of a little laptop that pairs with a phone for wireless communications. However, where that former (failed) experiment called for entirely disparate hardware, here the relationship between the two would be rather more formal. In a patent filed in April and just dug up by Unwired View, Palm describes a "compact removable voice handset" and an "integrated palmtop computer." The two can communicate wirelessly, but more interestingly they can be coupled such that "there is minimal increase to the overall size and weight" of the palmtop -- in other words, the "phone" bit isn't particularly large, making it more comfortable to hold up to your face in a conversation than your Streaks and the like. Is there actually any hardware behind this application or is this just Palm daydreaming about a Foleo 2? We'll all just have to wait and find out. Unwired ViewUSPTO
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    Read this. Not sure what the difference would be between this and using an Android tablet with phone functionality along with a bluetooth headset.
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    I had not seen this until you posted it. Thanks. Certainly an interesting idea. A Palm palmtop in the same grain as the old Psion computers might actually pique my interest. Doubly so with a built-in phone. Wish there was more than just a single patent drawing. Would love to know if they're actually moving forward with this. Sounds like they could almost be trying to launch many pieces of new hardware at once: new phone, palmtop, tablet, etc.
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    This was filed before the HP acquisition, and I suspect that it probably didn't survive the transition, but who knows?
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    Somewhere, I read something about Palm's smartphone working in a "docking station" as well....


    Ok, so, if the next WebOS device works with, and docks into, somehow, their first WebOS tablet, that would be quite a first, no?

    Useful? I guess that depends on how the two compliment eachother.

    Good information to know, though. Should be interesting to follow, as we wait for the next WebOS smartphone to arrive.

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    Remember the article about the 2 new modes that showed up in app development...Universal search-enabled and dock-enabled? ( I would post the link and give precentral credit, but I'm a low poster)
    I wonder if the "Dock-enabled" has something to do with this patent...
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    Sounds similar to IPOD docking stations.

    While this is a great idea, as mentioned above the same can be done using Bluetooth. I imagine the connection would be more stable and faster.
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    Quote Originally Posted by davecttt View Post
    Sounds similar to IPOD docking stations.

    While this is a great idea, as mentioned above the same can be done using Bluetooth. I imagine the connection would be more stable and faster.
    i agree on the bluetooth thing. how about this. device is docked into something that can charge like the touchstone. when it recognizes it is in such dock it auto connects to it through bluetooth.
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    I believe this patent was filed back in 2001. Dont expect much to come of this one...
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    Patent filed in 2001, but recently updated. The recently updated part is very curious indeed.
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    Quote Originally Posted by UntidyGuy View Post
    I think HP should modify the case of the Pre slightly so that it can attach to a tablet-style device and serve as it's connectivity module. That way you could use it as a connected tablet and, when needed, unclip the Pre to use as a regular smartphone.

    HP should heavily promote the PrePad along with it's detatchable Pre-ness.
    How nice! A big lump of Pre attached to the side of a (hopefully) thin, sleek tablet. What could be wrong with that?

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