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    So im just curious as to what everyone thinks about the HTC EVO? Is it the best phone to come out so far? is it really that much better? Everyone know that the iphone was so 10 years ago. when I got the Pre, I was amazed! This really is the best phone I have ever had or seen, there is just so much you can do. Now everyone I know that owns an iphone wants a pre. But is there really a phone that is 10 times faster than any other? Is palm going to come out with something that can compete? Or is the EVO just like the HD2 and have a lot of problems? idk but post what your take is on anything and what your opinion is, about anything!!!
    Pre - EVO- coming of another Palm - or the coming of another phone?
    I LOVE MY PRE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    All I got to say is if you really think the Pre is the best phone you ever had or seen you need to get out more because its really and old crappy, laggy phone that requires a bandaid (preware/kernels) to make it work right out of the box.
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    All I got to say is if you really think the Pre is the best phone you ever had or seen you need to get out more because its really and old crappy, laggy phone that requires a bandaid (preware/kernels) to make it work right out of the box.
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    The EVO was like 2 months ago. there are newer and better already. Epic , droid X etc. Kind of time we moved on.
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    Yes because everyone will notice those extra megaflops when making a phone call??

    The Evo has shown to perform better in everyday UI lag free vs. the galaxy's.

    Yeah the galaxy has a better screen and better GPU, but if you don't play a lot of 3D games why would you care?

    Honestly...why? The bigger issue is game developers not optimizing their games for android as there are many games that play perfectly on the Evo.

    But to pretend like that no one would buy an EVo no is just dumb.
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    The Pre is still, by far, the best phone on the planet if you like to get stuff done.

    OK now, with that hook, please read on:

    My Summary (a breakdown follows):
    If you want the prettiest, coolest thing, and you like toys, then the iPhone by far is the hotness for you. If you like movies in your pocket, want to livestream HD video wherever you go, or you'd like to share your wifi with a household, EVO is the one for you. If you like to get stuff done (email, text, web), none come close - even for as old as it is, the Palm Pre is best by far. If you need to mulititask (say, copy to your contacts an address and phone number that a friend sent you via email), want universal search, a great unified view of your email, and want graceful, helpful, easy-to-use notification, it's Pre and only the Pre.

    Persona Based Reviews
    To be fair, it's all about what you want out of your device, and people are different. Reviews I’ve found haven't approached this very well; I'd like to see Persona-based reviews.

    I admit, because i use the phone to get stuff done, meaning heavy communication by text, short emails, reviewing pdfs/word docs, web research, even light web programming updates (thanks to My opinions clearly come from a Power User persona, rather than an Games/Apps/Photos or Music/Video/light-texting persona, which are perhaps the majority of users.

    I've been using an EVO since June, and before that was a Pre owner since its launch day; I have only used other people’s iPhones in passing. Many of the reviews you can find comparing these three devices seem to be "first look" reviews, from guys who've used the phones for a few days. It is different, once you get into the rhythms and optimal workflows of each phone. I've been around the block with both EVO and Pre, so i've given both well more than the "college try".

    The Breakdown – Need vs. Nice

    Physical Keyboard: Hugely Important.
    After time getting used to the text entry and editing, I type only about half as fast on on EVO as i do on the Pre. And with many more mistakes on EVO. And I only got this fast on EVO after turning off auto text correction/suggestion, which was slowing me down, making things worse instead of beter. On a physical keyboard, it's much easier to devote less focus on the act of typing, because your fingers can feel if they're in the right spot. You dont have to constantly move your eyes back and forth making sure you get it right. You can almost practically touch-type with a physical keyboard. This isn't nearly as practical or easy with a virtual keyboard, so you can spend less time thinking about text entry, and just say what you want to say. However, sometimes making up for it on the EVO is its Voice Recognition (powered by google?), which can be uncannily good. It's fun and useful. Many times i opt for speaking instead of typing because it's so good, and the virtual keyboard is terrible. But many times, i don't have that option: 1) when i'm saying names won't get right, or using my own casual phrases; 2) in certain quiet, loud or sensitive environments (quite often, actually), and 3) when i don't have wireless signal (EVO's voice recognition is not onboard, it's web powered, so it doesn't work in the subway or where there's spotty coverage)

    Synergy / Universal search: Hugely Important.
    Nothing brings stuff together like Pre. It's amazing. Once you have Pre's search, you could never appreciate anyone else's. It's that much better. EVO's search, even with the recent update to Froyo (Android OS 2.2), while better than before, still can't match up. It searches the web OK, and now picks up Apps. But for me, whenever i want to communicate - I know WHO i want to connect with, generally before i know exactly how.
    For example,
    i know i want to email Joe Smith, but which address? or maybe i'll be brief and a quick text is best? From wherever i am, i just start typing. I type in "Jo", or even "J Sm", (since Pre - and only Pre - is smart enough to know first and last names and initials like this, and this is a huge advantage) and i can choose the best option among all their addresses/numbers. With EVO, the "main" search EXCLUDES contacts! I have to tap "People", then "search", then start typing. (EVO's contact list defaults to NOT having the keyboard open and ready, which is awful. I can't scroll through 860 contacts! I need to type to filter down. Thus the extra tap.)
    And if it's not a person but an app, or a term i want to google, I don't even need to think about the "how". I just start typing the word on my mind, and Pre presents relevant options for to me. It's so, so good. Using the EVO, i constantly think "why don't you know what i want, EVO? What's your problem? The Pre always knew!"
    And Synergy's way of letting me see all my different email activity in one place is absolutely ideal. Work, personal, projects, all in one quick view. Same with calendars. I'm only one person, but because i work with different groups with different calendars, i have to manage my time on several calendars. Synergy lets me see all my time commitments from different calendars in one unified view. Palm Pre's Synergy is genius and simple at the same time.

    Multitask: Hugely Important.
    I have an 8 minute walk from my work to the subway. With my Pre, i'd normally be able to send 3-4 texts and/or emails, check my vm, and visit links from emails if needed. Now, with my EVO, i'm lucky to be able to finish one email, or a couple texts. Most of this is due to text entry speed (see "Physical keyboard", above), but it also has to do with copy/paste, the clunky UI, and multitasking ability. In Pre, i can see all my open apps, rearrange them, and typically switch between them in under a second. With one swipe i can switch to the "adjacent" app, perfect for the real world example above. That would take me under a minute with Pre, easy. With EVO, between the clunky open/close of finding the apps, and going back and forth, plus the fact that contacts in EVO don't understand first/last name relationships the Pre does, makes the operation take multiple minutes. Tasks taking longer because you bought a newer "faster, better" technology? That hurts.
    In my view, iPhone and EVO are close to each other with their psuedo-multitasking. But for anyone who has needed to use multiple apps at the same time and has done so with the Pre, there is absolutely nothing close to how easy and quick it is. It's almost like having my laptop with me at all times. Pre is a fantastic multitasker.

    Quickness: Very Important.
    Lag was killing my Pre experience up until my Pre's screen cracked in June. It was crappy slow. I wouldn't know if the Pre was going to respond to my tap, or if i needed to do it again. When i first saw the EVO, it was crazy fast - BUT - the EVO sometimes lags, too. Not as bad as the Pre, but far from perfect, and it's gotten worse over time, even with ATK (Task Killer, so like the Pre, the device works best when you actively manage memory and close unneeded apps). Web pages render faster on EVO and work better, for the most part, and Apps load fast. iPhone's speed in the general UI and in opening apps is pretty good. For pure speed, even with its lag, EVO is first. However, because of it's very clunky UI, things take way longer than they should, so, the net effect is not really that dramatic. You have to tap more, think more, look more, but the device keeps up with you.

    User Interface (UI): Important.
    Pre and iPhone both have great UIs. iPhone's quickness and subtleties are satisfying, but Pre's gestures, especially "back" and flicking offscreen to close apps is most satisfying. The flick-to-close, dare i say it, is perhaps even a bit joy-inducing. If you've used it, you'd understand. Sometimes it just makes you smile. UI is very tricky that way. It can be the reason you buy, or the reason you hate. Other times, it just seems like an afterthought (ahem, I'm looking at you, Android). EVO is way, way behind. The bringing up/out the virtual keyboard is clunky, and often, important buttons on the form/page/app are hidden by the virtual keyboard. It's well documented that Android's UI needs tons of work, so let me just say I fully agree. Tons of work. One gold star for EVO: the "Copy All" choice. Clunky to get to, but a good thought. Cut/Copy/Paste, on all platforms, could still be improved. The status and notification bars in the Pre are head and shoulders above the rest. The icons actively take you to the relevant function or app. In EVO, the whole status bar only has one action: to open up the window shade with notifications, and it's clunky: rather than taking you to the relevant item (e.g. a text message), it takes you to the items parent app (e.g., Messages), from which you need to drill down. More extra taps. Apple's always been pretty good with UI, as has Palm. Pre's UI is extraordinarily good, exceptionally easy to use, and since it has the physical keyboard, it tips the scales as the best UI, just edging out iPhone. Again, though, this is persona-based. Other who don't type as much probably prefer iPhone. For me, Pre is best.

    Contacts: Important.
    While i wasn't originally going to cover this, i realized many of the downfalls of EVO, and the things of beauty of Pre, revolve around Contacts. If i type "J Sm", Pre matches Joe Smith, Joline Smitts, Jill Smallings, etc. EVO gives nothing because it doesn't understand i might be entering a first initial and last name. Extraordinarily smart and graceful of Pre. I can enter first and last name in the same field on Pre, and it figures it out. Not true with EVO. Therefore entering new names in contacts is easier and quicker with Pre, whether typing or copy/pasting. It discourages copy/pasting in EVO, actually. As mentioned, Contacts are included in Pre's universal search. Not so in EVO.

    Physical Design: Very Nice To Have.
    Nothing matches the EVO screen - it's ridulously awesome. But at the cost of a giant slab in my pocket. It's a workable size, but barely. It's way better for looking at photos and videos, but that's "nice", not a "need". You don't really need a tablet if you have EVO. iPhone's size is nearly perfect. (But i don't understand why Apple keeps forcing non-standard sizes down the world's throat, 960x640? why? why? It's annoying, especially if you create multimedia, but whatever, Apple: your stuff is pretty and fun, so we'll take it.) What's missing is the keyboard. Pre successfully solved the problem of a good keyboard in a good-sized device, with the elegant slide-out solution. Pre's sound switch is also great, though as others have noted, the previous palm devices got it fully right (a mute switch should mute the speaker for everything. period). If the Pre kept its general design, but grew the diplay screen to at around iPhone size, and targetted the thinness to a little thinner, you'd have just about the perfect form factor.

    Visual Voicemail: Very Nice To Have.
    Pre (on Sprint) doesn't have it, and that sucks. It is great on EVO and iPhone. No personal experience with it on iPhone, but have seen it. I especially love that i don't need a wireless connection to playback vm on EVO. This is a huge plus.

    Notification: Very Nice To Have.
    EVO tries, but it's like a poor imitation of what Pre can do. Pre's notifications are subtle, yet just enough. They don't get in your way, but they do their job - they let you know what's going on. And if you want to act on them, they make it easy. EVO, not so much. If EVO is in my pocket, it vibrates to let me know something happened, but when look at the screen, it's still dark. I turn it on, it's locked. I unlock it, and i have to look around to see what happened. Let's say it was a text message that came through. I have to open Messages, then find the person who sent me the message, and open up that conversation. With Pre: the notification, which is visible right away, takes me directly to the message. That saves at least a few clunky steps.

    Add-on Apps: Nice To Have.
    We're not talking the core apps built into the devices. That stuff is covered in the other sections above. Here, we're talking about the stuff you find in App Store/ Catalog / Market.
    The Google Apps on EVO (except Gmail) are great. Notably good is Google Navigation on the EVO -- it's amazing. Really wonderful. But, actually, i can live without it, as Sprint Nav on Pre is workable (enough), and there's always google maps when it fails. It, like the awesome camera, just makes the device more fun. While there are lots of fun apps, and few pretty useful ones, the Android market is about as good to me as the Web OS homebrews and app catalog. Pandora is way better on Pre than EVO.
    For me, it's nearly a breakeven on the apps. And I believe there's a fair-sized population out there that has apps like me, and would feel the same.

    Airplane mode: Nice To Have.
    EVO takes 4 actions to enter or exit airplane mode. Lame. Don't know iPhone, but Pre is a bit easier and more intuitive, except for how you have to "turn off" airplane mode in order to "turn on" the wireless signal (i.e., it's counterintuitive to tap a button that says "turn off" if you want to turn on the phone.) Riding the subway every day, and visiting areas with spotty coverage, make me hate the term "Airplane mode". I use the mode much much more when i'm not on an Airplane, vs. when i am. And all the OSs should do a better job making the devices more useful when wireless isn't available like in Subways, or in the country where good signal isn't always available. They spent so much time adding value to their experience by connecting to "the cloud", they seem to have forsaken those that spend lots of time trying to use their devices when there's no connection available. Visual VM on EVO is a great example of this done right. But caching stuff (e.g., in apps like Voice Recognition) could be generally improved across the board.

    The Summary: The stuff that's "nice" and the best device:


    Eye Candy (design prettiness): iPhone / Pre
    Picture stuff: iPhone (EVO in second)
    Video: EVO (iPhone in second)
    Screen: EVO (iPhone in second)
    Size: iPhone (Pre in second)
    Industrial Design: Pre (iPhone in second)
    Feel: iPhone (Pre in second)
    Apps: iPhone (EVO in second)
    Visual VM: EVO / iPhone (tie?)
    Speech Recognition: EVO
    WiFi hotspot: EVO
    Two cameras: iPhone (EVO in second)
    Touchstone wireless charging: Pre


    Search/Synergy: Pre
    Multitasking: Pre
    Keyboard: Pre
    Quickness/Power: EVO (iPhone in second)
    UI: Pre (iPhone in second)
    Email: Pre
    Text: Pre
    Notifications: Pre
    Phone Calls: EVO (Pre second, for poor mic sound). iPhone is embarrassing here, of course, but if you drink KoolAid, you love the style of iPhone over substance.

    If you're wowwed by wow factors, it's easy to understand why EVO's competing and iPhone rules the universe. But when you need a workhorse that still has style, nothing beats Pre. It's amazing that it holds up when it's so much older than EVO and iPhone, and it would be great to hear news of whatever (and when) the next Pre will be. In HP's current state, I'm not optimistic. But i'm still hopefull.
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