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    Just wondering...
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    There are nearly 400,000 on P/C so if 10% are members here (which is a generous #) then there are around 4mil
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    Quote Originally Posted by iTz Nicholas72 View Post
    Just wondering...
    i've wondered the same thing. i've only seen 2 in the wild. i heard once that there were 'over a million' pres sold. of course, i forget how long ago that was written
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    Quote Originally Posted by 063_xobx View Post
    There are nearly 400,000 on P/C so if 10% are members here (which is a generous #) then there are around 4mil
    What about the users who left?

    Also with Android selling 200,000 handsets a day it would take 20 days for Android to oercome WebOS....
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    I'm in a class with 50 students, probably 30 of whom have a smart phone, and I'm the only one in the class with a WebOS phone. I would say that's a pretty good gauge, considering it's a demographically diverse group. Age range might be tight at 25-40, though. I've only seen one other, a Palm Pre (Sprint), in the wild. I wonder where they are, but certainly I would think mid-Missouri country isn't the target area for WebOS.
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    There's only 2 in the world:
    1) mine
    2) somebody elses
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    3 counting me.
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    mine makes 4

    (this could be a long thread)
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    many forum members joined when they had the Handspring 180, or Treo 600.

    I still own the 755p.

    Just because they have moved on and bought an iPhone or Android, their membership does not lapse.

    Those membership numbers are about as useful and reliable for calculating Pre ownership as Cheney's calculus for determining Saddam's WMDs.

    1. A more useful determination of ownership would be if you can find out how many downloads are made of the newest ver. of webOS (they might not tell you),

    2. Using the forum -- try to find out how many ACTIVE Current members post on the Pre specific sites --

    3. Extrapolate a random sampling -- take a randomized snapshot of the forum when there are bunch of people on line (10K ??) at 5PM Thursday. Across all forums randomly ask 100 of them what phone they use. If 10% self identify as Pre users, and your sampling was truly random, then you could presume the percentage of Pre users amongst those then participating in the forum.

    If you could then guesstimate what percentage of active Pre owners are participating in the forum at say 5PM on a Thursday (1% ??) -- you could guess that there are maybe 100K active Pre users.
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    There are over 2 million Pandora downloads. Not sure if downloads are uniques or not.
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    Quote Originally Posted by NickDG View Post
    There are over 2 million Pandora downloads. Not sure if downloads are uniques or not.
    Probably not. As a minimum, every replaced/exchanged device would be re-downloaded.
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    since I got my phone in march I've met 6 people with pre's.
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    Got mine in september. I personally know 2 with pre's but I have seen it in the wild maybe 10 times. The mirror on the back and the round slider shape allows me to snipe it easily.
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    I have personally seen one Pre in my life at a funeral with about three hundred in attendance. At the church I attend, it is a small group, several have iPhones and iPods; none have Pres.

    The bigger mystery is why Palm is so secretive about the sales numbers. Who do they think they're kidding? Surely, the numbers are better than what people in the know believe them to be. How embarrassing could an announcement of 4million sold be? The truth can't possibly depress the stock price. It just seems everyone is afraid to announce numbers except Apple. Google talks of activations and they do not even make phones. How many Droids were sold? EVOs? Backflips?
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    <3.5 million
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    Ive never met another person who owns a Pre or Pixi. I do a lot of big sales events and tend to spot Blackberry most often. Have seen a good number of Centro's as well. That being said I have been places and had strangers come over and look at my Pre. Even my doctor took it away from me one day to check it out. He loves his iphone more than most people love breathing but he did say the Pre was very interesting and if he ever left AT&T he might have to think about getting one.

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    I got a text recently from a former co-worker. Just business stuff and then a comment was made about having phone issues and may have to replace.

    Weeks go by, and a few day ago another message comes and I am asked which BB I have? I respond with the info and a get a reply of "was considering that...but decided to go another direction". I asked what phone?......."the Palm Pre!"

    I was shocked to see it from someone else. lol

    So, there is mine, my wife's, and now my colleague. (add 3 more to our total)
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    I have seen 7 Pre's in the wild and convinced 5 people to buy one.
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    As Bayre stated, there a could be a lot of people on the forums who don't own a Pre, or even a Palm device.
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    I've got a pre and know only 2 others with pre's
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