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    I know of 3 other people with the Pre. The only one I have ever actually seen in person, though, is my roommates Pre+.

    For some reason, around here, I see very few cell phones, anywhere.
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    Myself and my GF both have Pre's and her two kids both have Pixi's. And not counting the handful of Palm workers that were at Comic Con, I have come across 6 Palm Pre's in the wild.
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    Got a Pre and wife has Pixi. Wife's sister got a Pixi.
    A friend of mine has a Pre and Pixi. He's the one that pointed me to webOS and the Pre. Thank you buddy!

    The only webOS device I've seen in the wild was when I was pumping gas a month or so ago, some woman at the next pump had a Pre+.

    Pointed her to Precentral of course!

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    2 of my lil sister got pixis, surprisingly their the ones that turned me (so called phone expert) into webos. and the pixi itself. 3 of my friends have webos too 1 pixi and 2 pre.
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    I once saw big foot and the chupacabra in the wild. Never saw a pre though.
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    went to a concert in atlanta a few months back and at dinner before the show there were 7 out of 8 with a pre.
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    I have just over 400 friends on Facebook, and I know at least 5 of them have WebOs devices from their posts. Including myself, that is 6 out of 400 or so, so about 1.5 percent. I have seen a couple dozen in the wild as well. This of course means exactly nada.
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    i just met someone who lives in the building where i work who has a pre that is the first i have seen other than my own. I introduced him to homebrewing as well figured id share the wealth
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    Rod should be able to log unique deviceIds with Preware.
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    I just found out that the guy that lives underneaith me is rocking a Pre. When I found out I gave him one of my old touchstones (I had six) he had never even heard of it?!?!?

    And then a few days ago I actually saw a guy on the bus using a Treo!!! (I think he may be eligible for an update by now)
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