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    I had to perform a hard reset while traveling, and couldn't figure out how to regain access to the internet. I could create a dialup wireless modem in prefs, but when I tried to dial it, it wanted me to enable data using the desktop software. Is there any way to do this without syncing with a PC? I am willing to try rewriting the Flash ROM if I need to, but I don't even know what I would move to the ROM to preserve access.

    (Also, is there a thread that tells one specifically what can safely be deleted (e.g. other languages) to make room for copying Eudora or One Touch to ROM? I can live without these if I have web access, but they are a convenience.)
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    Which model Treo do you have? You should not need the desktop to make an internet connection witgh the Treo 180 or 270.
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    I have the 270.

    The answer is located here.

    However, cingular users have to use the desktop. I'm a voicestream user. My memory is that the space for the phone number wasn't present when I did this, but I need to test that.
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