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    What, exactly, does this have to do with the price of tea in China? Did you know that HP has been making phones for ages. They have been a successful company for a long time, but they have never been successful in designing, producing, and selling smartphones. They have never produced a tablet that anyone wanted to buy. That is not to take away from the overall success of the company. But in these key areas, they are no more successful than, say, you.

    Tea in China? nothing. "One disaster after another"? A lot.

    So they have been making phones that you do not like. Okay. If they make phones, in the future, that folks do not like.....people will go elsewhere. That is all. I am simply saying that we do not know who these folks are or with whom they are being replaced. It is a bit silly to get worked up over the "loss" of some guy that very few have ever heard of because he will be replaced by one even fewer have.

    That is all.

    The proof will be in the pudding. I did not buy the phone because I like Skillman. I won't leave it because I dislike the next guy. It either works well or it doesn't.
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    Quote Originally Posted by rlee2001 View Post
    Sheeesh. It is one of the most successful companies on earth. Let's not act as though I bought the company and you are concerned I may not be very successful in operating a business.

    I do not get emotionally involved in what these folks do. They will either produce a quality phone with an excellent OS, or I will look for a better option. So far, I am encouraged by:

    a) My experience with webOS
    b) HP's ability to create hardware (ie strength to get top of the line "parts")

    I have NO way of judging whether the ones that have left are better / worse / equal of the ones that will take their places. I don't know any of these folks and will not pretend I am able to evaluate the "players" involved.

    It's simple. They will make good products or not. Palm was NOT going to survive as a stand alone company, so SOME new "corporate culture" was absolutely going to be imposed upon it, no matter what.
    Here's a hint for you: Which of the HP experts are responsible for HP's astounding market lead in smartphones to date?

    Well, luckily for Palm, those same HP experts are now displacing the folks at Palm who brought you the Treo, Centro, Pixi, and Pre. With any luck, the next HP(-Palm) phone will look like this fine beauty!
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    By all means, feel free to panic and whine. I simply choose NOT to get worked up over folks I do not know.

    It seems reactionary to cry "all is crumbling" because nameplates will be changed on doors that I will never see.

    I hope Palm excels and makes the worlds greatest smartphones. But, my world will not end if it doesn't. Nothing posted herein leads me to either conclusion.
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    Given the oreo problems his design led to I'd say "don't let the door hit his ***** on the way out". If a really nice design proves too hard to build correctly, its a worthless design no matter how good it looks and feels.

    Besides its not like he's the only product designer at Palm - there's plenty of younger talent there could produce top level designs for future devices.
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