If you want to have some fun try this http://www.handspring.de/
( its in germany but easy to understand and the euro is almost equal to a dollar). When you want to find the price of a Treo 270 you will be told that Treo 180 cost 749 euros without tax, If you start directly with Treo 180 you can buy it for 599 euros without tax.
With tax you will find Germans highest prices Treo 270 869 euros and Treo 180 695 euros. Two retail companies are listed. One of them actually sell Treo 180 for 599 including tax and other postorder companies is offering Treo 270 for 749 euros including tax.
I have visited this Handspring site daily to get information about Treo 270 screens. Zero.
Who is running this site? Somebody working for Handspring or Microsoft ?
Bo Loftrup