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    I've been keeping an eye on this forum since its birth. Longing for a swedish launch but to no avail.

    I'm now starting to lean towards Samsung galaxy S but i can't stand the looks of it! Pleeaaase don't make me buy it, atleast give me a glimmer of hope of a somewhat immenant launch of PRE 2. :P

    Anyway, in all boredom I decided to give them a helping hand What do you think?

    Oh, it's ofcourse loaded with **** like: ir, breathalyzer, projector and a complementary radio car :P

    Edit: posted in the wrong forum and this probably should've been posted in the thread "Am I the only one that wants the PRE design to stay?" Aw well, ke sera, sera
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    I think one of the reasons why the launch of the new device takes time now is that Palm wouldve launched it in the handful of countries that they officially sell Pres and Pixis in now. I can believe that HP wants to get webOS into every country they are present in - which means "every country". If they want to grow, it makes sense to grow everywhere.

    I wouldn't be surprised if you could officially buy a Palm device by year's end.
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    I feel bad that everyone can't get their hands on a webOS phone.

    I hope the new phone, whenever it materializes, arrives in Sweden quickly.

    You have something special in Sweden, that we don't have here:

    Dancing Policemen
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    Hahaha that policeofficer cracked me up, those southies (skåningar are a special breed...

    I've decided to try and wait it out to the holidays, I got my "fix" today buying a x10 mini to my girlfriend! :P Android is pretty nice system, hmmm. If anyone could give me a rundown as to why you prefer WebOS over android (froyo) that be really cool!

    over and out
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    I like the form factor of your avatar and the draft2.jpg of the Palm next generation phone.
    I personally don’t like a horizontal slider but it is a must for gamers.
    I also like the game controls build into the keypad.
    I hope Palm keeps the form factor of the Pre in the Pre II and introduces another phone similar to your design
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    Yea, I really don't get why there are no landscape sliders with a portrait type keyboard (for the right width) and with the extra space adorned by the gamecontrollers :P Please Palm, let this happen! Or maybe it's possible make "click-on" Controllers like a gamepad or a full keyboard and different keyboards tending to different countries layouts and special characters. But it would probably make it to flimsy...


    oh, btw nice to hear that someone besides me likes the reference design With the games coming out it would rock to have real controllers for them!
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    And another thing, I really think it would make sense using the gamecontrollers to interact in the UI, like flipping through cards making selections and deleting and so on!

    Rock on
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    Using a controller to manipulate the UI is a redundant step backwards. A small analog nub that can be used for gaming and precision editing inside the UI? Sure, I like that. But anything else can easily be manipulated on the touch screen.
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    Offcourse controlling the UI via the gamecontrollers would just complement the touchscreen without detracting any of the functionality of it. Just thinking that it would somehow make sense being able to interact (flicking and typing and so on) with the UI without changing handplacement.

    Just my two cents, take it for what it's worth (two cents?)
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    I wonder with the placement of the USB port in the Palm Pre, if a plug-in game console may be a future option.
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    In my opinion, if I had to carry a separate device in order to play games on my phone, I think I would rather carry a PSP or NDS. Having a separate "playpad" would detract from the playability of the new Palm device.
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    that would be a very cool option...imo
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    palm phones are dead

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